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How to Go About Applying for the Reconsideration of a Refused Hong Kong Visa Application

November 28th, 2013

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The HKID will only entertain an application for a Reconsideration of a decision to refuse an application if there is significant additional, new information adding weight to the original application or relevant and important new facts which have come to light since the refusal – with comprehensive verifying documentation to support.

This means that you need to be ready to further argue your case stridently and have the bullets ready to fire in support. Emotional appeals are fruitless; as are a collection of mere testimonials from your consulate or chambers of commerce.

There are typically five key underlying reasons why cases get denied.

It could be that the case was destined to fail from the get go as the applicant was incapable of passing the approvability test applicable to the visa type applied for.

It might be that the case was very poorly put together or incorrectly argued.

Often times, applicants are unable to come up with critical supporting documentation required by the HKID or other specific information requests are not adhered to.

Finally, if the applicant has a poor immigration record in Hong Kong the Immigration Department could be minded not to afford the applicant the privilege of residence.

You should submit your application bundle for the Reconsideration in the same way as you submitted your original application.

If you are a Visitor in Hong Kong, dont; expect the HKID to afford you an interim extension to your current period of stay pending the finalisation of the Reconsideration process and notification of the outcome.

Things have tightened up considerably in the last couple of years, so you can expect to have to wait out the latter part of the Reconsideration exercise from outside of the HKSAR.

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The Hong Kong Visa Geeza (a.k.a Stephen Barnes) is a co-founder of the Hong Kong Visa Centre and author of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. A law graduate of the London School of Economics, Stephen has been practicing Hong Kong immigration since 1993 and is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on business immigration matters here for the last 24 years.

  • Hari

    22 Sep 2019 am30 9:51am

    My QMAS visa got refused …..How can I know what could be the reason …..and what I need to do next …I have send notorized copy of document to immd ….can I get it back
    Please inform me about chances of reconsidering it

    • The Visa Geeza

      27 Sep 2019 am30 10:15am

      Honestly speaking you are wasting your time. It’s a discretionary competitive programme and if you’ve been refused (and 77% of all applications are) there’s nothing you can do.

  • Lucy

    27 May 2019 pm31 12:10pm

    My bf tourist Visa application also refused, so sad
    Really bad news for me

  • sarabjit singh

    7 May 2019 pm31 6:32pm


    My dependant visa was i was send a letter to immigration department for collect back all my data from immigration
    After how much time Reply da immigration department of my letter

  • Ram

    14 Dec 2018 pm31 1:14pm

    My ex-wife has moved to Hong Kong with my two children (6 and 3) eldest born in HK and my ex is from HK with HK residency, she plans to work in HK for a few years. My work visa has currently been refused planning to reapeal I am a UK citizen, do I have any other options to remain and work in HK to be with the children?

    • The Visa Geeza

      15 Dec 2018 am31 11:05am

      Student visa could be an option. No special ability for you to secure immigration permissions on the strenght of your children’s status in HK I’m afraid.

  • Odette

    22 Oct 2018 am31 3:43am

    My visa has been denied and I ask for reopen or reconsideration, they allow me to reopen it just complete all the requirements that they ask me to comply. Is there a chance they will grant me a visaa? Thanks in advance!

    • The Visa Geeza

      26 Oct 2018 am31 9:21am

      If the application is merit worthy then ImmD will approve it.

  • maryann rusit

    5 Aug 2018 am31 11:00am

    hi i am mary my working visa was denied .for some reason and i dont know what it is…how can i know the reason why?why my application is being denied?

  • Baiju Devaraj

    14 Jun 2018 am30 4:06am

    I am Baiju Devaraj from India 1 months back me and friends travelled to Hong Kong with pre arrival visa , first we go to China stay there for 8 days and then planned to move to Hong Kong the immigration department refused to enter Hong Kong .. next day we tried in another port from China .. there also we faced the same issue.. so we All com back to India .. now we are not able to apply for new pre arrival visa that is valid for 6 months .. within this period what is the possible possibilities to go to Hong Kong .. two times they refused .

  • Billy

    15 Sep 2017 pm30 7:22pm

    I am a widowed senior citizen under CSSA social assistance for almost 2 years now. I was remarried last spring and processed the papers to sponsor my wife to live with me but was rejected due to my financial situation. Where do I go from here?

    • The Visa Geeza

      18 Sep 2017 pm30 3:31pm

      Not much you can do to be honest. Dependant visas are issued on the basis of being able to financially support your spouse. If ImmD have concluded that’s not possible, the only way to rebutt it is to show additional means of income.

  • Amit sethi

    12 Jun 2017 pm30 12:26pm

    Need help regarding pra refused .passanger already travel europe or other country


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