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STOP PRESS!! Hitler’s Hong Kong Passport Application Has Been Rejected – What Can He Do Now?

July 5th, 2023

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Hong Kong Passport Application – Poor Mr Hitler …

First Published November 13, 2013 – Updated July 2023

Continuing the meme parody of Hitler in the bunker, this time responding to the news that his Hong Kong passport application has been denied.

Hong Kong Passport Application – Visa Types Referenced In This Video

Hong Kong passport application in the hands of Mr Adolf Htlier. Topics referenced in the video are the Hong Kong investment visa, employment visa, dependant visa, prolonged visitor visa and the Right of Abode.

And of course, the parody is all about Hitler – not about the great professionals of the Hong Kong Immigration Department who really are Wanchai’s Finest!

Hong Kong Passport Application – What An Application Actually Entails …

To qualify for a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport as a Permanent Resident (PR) of Hong Kong, there are certain requirements that must be met. Here is an overview of the qualifications and process:

  1. Hong Kong Permanent Residence: To be eligible for an HKSAR passport, you must have acquired permanent residence in Hong Kong. This typically requires a continuous period of ordinary residence in Hong Kong for at least 7 years or, in some cases, 3 years if you are a Chinese citizen born outside of Hong Kong and have a Chinese descent.
  2. Age Requirement: There are no specific age requirements to apply for a Hong Kong passport, but applicants under the age of 16 must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Application Process: To apply for an HKSAR passport, you need to complete the relevant application forms and submit the required documents, including proof of identity, proof of permanent residence, and any other supporting documents as requested by the Immigration Department.
  4. Citizenship and Nationality: Individuals applying for an HKSAR passport must be Chinese citizens who are HKSAR permanent residents. If you are not a Chinese national, you are not eligible for an HKSAR passport.
  5. Travel Documents: If you currently hold a valid travel document, such as a passport from another country, you may be required to surrender it when applying for an HKSAR passport. The issuance of an HKSAR passport generally requires that you renounce any other nationality or citizenship, as China does not recognize dual citizenship.
  6. Background Checks and Security Clearance: As part of the application process, the Immigration Department conducts background checks and security clearance to ensure the applicant’s eligibility and suitability for a Hong Kong passport.

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