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Hadley Says

What Are the Chances of Swapping from a Training Visa to an Employment Visa For the Same Employer Once the Period of Training is Over?

December 5th, 2012

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Many foreign nationals and the companies which bring them to Hong Kong to receive or deliver training on a short term basis, believe that it is possible to go on to change over to an employment visa once the prescribed period of training has been completed.

Yet 99% of all such applications are rejected by the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Consequently, the training visa should not be construed as a back-door pathway into an employment visa for Hong Kong.

In gaining the original permissions for the training visa, both the sponsoring company as well as the training visa holder himself, made express undertakings as to the rationale for the temporary deployment to the HKSAR and that, once the training is over, the foreign national would leave Hong Kong to go back to what he was doing before his time as a trainee in Hong Kong commenced.

So, you might be able to finagle up to a one year period of stay as a trainee in Hong Kong, but once your time is up, it’s time to leave

Almost without exception!

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  • Daniel

    20 May 2019 pm31 11:22pm

    Hi , I have finish my training visa in HK for 6 months and have return to my country of origin. But after returning I feel to continue working there, so I have apply a new position as a full time in the company that I have my training previously. So my question is will the possibility of my new employment visa get approved by IMMD ?

    • The Visa Geeza

      23 May 2019 am31 11:33am

      Maybe, depends.


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