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QOTW: Will a Short Term Work Visa for Hong Kong be Cancelled if the Holder Activates it But Doesn’t Actually Take Up the Employment Until Just Before It is Set To Expire?

November 29th, 2014

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Short term work visa for Hong Kong  – I answered this question via private email some weeks ago and have been waiting to get back into the studio to publish it here…


We have sponsored an Indian passport holder for a short term work visa for Hong Kong to work “legally” here in early September 2014.

However, due to personal matters, he went back to India in early October and is expecting to be back at the end of October.

And he told us that the immigration office had stamped “journey completed” on his work visa, so we are wondering IF his work visa is still valid to come back to work for us?

If his short term work visa for Hong Kong has expired, he will enter Hong Kong as a Visitor with 14 days visa free period to stay then we will need to apply for a work visa for him again?

PS. the short term work visa for Hong Kong we sponsored him is going to expire on 30 November.

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