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Hadley Says

Getting A Working Visa For Hong Kong Is A Simple Matter Of Filling In The Forms – Right?

July 9th, 2023

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Getting A Working Visa For Hong Kong – Easy Or Hard?

I am in the process of updating a whole raft of content in anticipation of the launch of VisaGeeza.Ai at some stage next month and am coming across a lot of  ‘oldies but goodies’. Here’s one!

Getting A Working Visa For Hong Kong Is A Simple Matter of Filling in the Forms, Right? Wrong!

With the relatively large number of foreign nationals working in Hong Kong at any one time, it is easy to conclude that getting the permission of the Hong Kong Immigration Department to pursue your career here is a relatively straightforward affair.

Actually, Hong Kong prides itself on a corruption-free, efficient and non-legalistic immigration process and, under the General Employment Policy, 99 times out of 100 the Hong Kong Immigration Department get the result right.

But this does not in any way reduce the challenge of employment visa approvability down to merely filling out the forms.

In some instances, especially where the compensation is substantial, the candidate is exceptionally well qualified or the applicant is an inter-company transferee, then it’s true that such cases tend to be merely administrative in nature.

But everyone else has to argue for their approval.

Getting A Working Visa For Hong Kong Is A Simple Matter of Filling in the Forms + Having A Solid Argument For Approval

This means a solid set of supporting representations, excellent documentation and an appreciation of what the Immigration Department are looking for to deliver the outcome of an approved visa.

No two Hong Kong visa applications are ever alike and so it is churlish to believe that just because you know someone who’s visa application sailed through with a minimum of fuss that this will be the same for you.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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