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Redundancy | Expiring Hong Kong Employment Visa | Process Pitfalls | How To Manage

September 2nd, 2023

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What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Job And Have An Expiring Hong Kong Employment Visa?

Do You Have To Leave? What About Your Eligibility For PR?

Expiring Hong Kong Employment Visa



Experiencing an expiring Hong Kong employment visa after being made redundant can be a stressful situation. Hong Kong’s visa and immigration processes can range from being straightforward to incredibly complex, depending on your unique circumstances. In this guide, we’ll answer crucial questions and provide actionable steps to help you navigate this challenging period.


1. The Basics of Hong Kong Employment Visas
2. What Happens When You’re Made Redundant
3. Actionable Steps to Take
4. Impact On PR
5. More On PR Eligibility
6. Final Thoughts

The Basics of Hong Kong Employment Visas

In an ideal world, the process of securing a Hong Kong employment visa is linear: you receive a job offer, apply for a visa, get approved, and start working. However, life is rarely that simple. What happens when you’re made redundant just weeks before your expiring Hong Kong employment visa is due?

What Happens When You’re Made Redundant

Being made redundant before your employment visa expires puts you in a precarious situation. You may find yourself asking:

– Do I have to leave Hong Kong?
– Will my employment visa be extended without a sponsor?
– What are my options?

Actionable Steps to Take

1. Job Search

Without a job offer, you can’t extend your expiring Hong Kong employment visa.

2. Visitor Visa

Visit the Immigration Tower in Wanchai to apply for a visitor visa, stating that you’re seeking alternate employment.

3. On The Ground Presence

ImmD may grant you a few weeks under visitor status to find a new job, especially if you’ve been a long-term resident.

4. Re-Application

Once you have a job offer, re-apply for an employment visa using forms  ID990A and ID990B.

5. Visa Activation

After approval, activate your new visa by exiting and re-entering Hong Kong.

6. Family Members

If you have dependents, their visa processes will follow yours.

Impact On PR

The test for approval for PR in Hong Kong is as follows:

You need to have been continuously and ordinarily resident in Hong Kong for a period of not less than seven years where any absences from Hong Kong in that time – be they of long or short duration – are of a merely temporary nature as evidenced by what you leave behind in Hong Kong to return back to at the end of each temporary stay abroad. You need to have held back-to-back residence visas throughout the seven years claimed as ordinary residence in Hong Kong; must be no security objection to being granted the Right of Abode; must be no outstanding taxation liabilities in your hands in Hong Kong at the time that you’re applying for Right of Abode. And you need to have been in Hong Kong for a settled purpose. Your settled purpose is a function of the visa type that you hold

A visitor visa is not a residence visa. Any time you spend on visitor status is going to count against you come the time for your PR application. If your situation is one of mere Administrative Flux for a very short time between employment visas and your feet are terra firma Hong Kong all throughout, ImmD may conclude your ordinary residence has been maintained even though you had a short stint as a visitor.

However, the longer the stint the greater the chance of visitor status definitively breaking your continuity. Keep it short time folks!

More On PR Eligibility

If you need definitive help with your PR application get it all here, 100% for free!

Final Thoughts

While navigating an expiring Hong Kong employment visa after redundancy is challenging, it’s crucial to act swiftly to regularize your situation. Doing so will not only save you from legal complications but also help you maintain your continuity of residence in Hong Kong.


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The Hong Kong Visa Geeza (a.k.a Stephen Barnes) is a co-founder of the Hong Kong Visa Centre and author of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. A law graduate of the London School of Economics, Stephen has been practicing Hong Kong immigration since 1993 and is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on business immigration matters here for the last 24 years.

  • C

    5 Dec 2023 pm31 2:55pm

    I have a question regarding the impact of my PR and has the immigration officer wasn’t helpful . so i was under training visa (VIE Program) as i can’t find a lot of information i’m not sure whether it count or not as i hear everything different anyway here is the thing :

    – 2 years training Visa, my visa expired on 30th of november so i exited HKG on the 30th of November and came back on the 1st of December as a visitor my visa employment was processing at that time

    – On the same day the immigration approved and i collected my employment visa , to activate it i need to exit and enter HK again which i did (so i exited the 2nd of december and came back 3rd of december Morning).

    i wonder if i should have stayed in first place outside of Hong Kong until my employment visa was granted as now i think i may have lost my 2 Years of training and may not be able to have PR. would it be worth a shot to verify my eligibility in the next 5 years or did some people got the same kind of experience ?

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Dec 2023 pm31 12:17pm

      VIE counts and I doubt the 2 day gap will negatively impact your eligibility for PR. It’s Substance over form all other things being equal

  • PS

    10 Nov 2021 am30 8:18am

    Hi, my work visa already expired and I was told by my legal team at work (same place and they are open for me to stay) told me I have until the end of Nov 2021. I havent applied for another work visa as I’m ambivalent of whether or not I want to stay or return to the US. Could I be kicked out? How long can I stay without reapplying while working at the same job?

    • The Visa Geeza

      6 Dec 2021 am31 9:41am

      Apply at ImmD for a visitor visa a day or 2 before your employment visa expires. They should give you 30 days.

  • Capitalist Cate

    16 Jun 2021 pm30 8:15pm

    hi! my work visa is expiring mid-July 2021 and I resigned from my job this January, I have not been able to secure a job offer yet, does that mean I have to apply for the visitor visa as you set out in this post or is there any way for me to apply for an extension of my work visa? Many thanks!

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Jun 2021 pm30 5:24pm

      ID 91 visitor visa will be the only status available to you.

  • Visa help

    26 Apr 2021 am30 12:26am

    Hi, what are the options available if the company terminates my employment / I resign, and my employment visa will expire (Jun) before the end of my notice period (Jul/Aug)? Will I be able to apply for a visa extension on my own, if the company is not willing to do so? Thank you for any advices.

    • The Visa Geeza

      26 Apr 2021 am30 11:44am

      ImmD will grant you an extension until Jul/Aug to complete your notice period. Normal rules for extension apply which means your employer must play ball otherwise you will not be lawfully employable after your Jun expiry.

  • Sam

    7 Apr 2021 pm30 1:05pm

    My one month extension as visitor (following 6 year work visa) is about to expire at the end of this month.
    Assuming I could land a new job and submit a work visa application soon, would I still have to leave HK during the processing ?

    • The Visa Geeza

      13 Apr 2021 am30 10:22am

      You’ll need to secure an extension to your visitor status. The fact of a new employment visa application pending is not grounds for the grant of an extensions. At present extensions to visitor status all boil down to covid risk to health in your country of origin and lack of available flights.

  • Visa Idiot

    3 Jan 2021 pm31 7:04pm

    Hi, I have been working in Hong Kong for almost 5 years. I left my job in May 2020 with the intention of returning home for work. However, covid happened so the new job was suspended. So I stayed on in Hong Kong to look for employment. My visa expires end of Feb 2021 but I am still unemployed. Am I eligible to apply for a visitor visa like Alex (refers to comment 12 Oct 2020 7:30pm)? If so, is ID91 ( the correct form? Otherwise, could you share with me the correct form? Thank you.

    • The Visa Geeza

      4 Jan 2021 am31 10:54am

      It’s the correct form. ImmD will likely give you an extension under Visitor status. 4-6 weeks validity usually.

      • Sam

        7 Apr 2021 pm30 12:49pm

        Thank you for theses helpful information.
        As my work visa was expiring end of March 2021 I got 1 one month extension under visitor status.

        Do I have any chance to get another Visitor visa extension? I am still applying for new job positions in HK
        I wonder what could be a valid reason to support the application?

        • The Visa Geeza

          13 Apr 2021 am30 10:08am

          The only reason for extensions of visitor status now is Covid, lack of flights and risk to health in your country of origin.

  • Alex

    12 Oct 2020 pm31 7:30pm

    My employment visa expired on August 30th, 2020 and my employer didn’t renew my contract because they needed to do rearragements due to covid-19. Therefore, I applied for a visitor visa which was granted for 2 months. Recently, my previous company contacted me to offer me work for 1 more year. Do I need to do a new emploment visa application again or just an apply for an extention since it is the same compnay, same sponsor?

    • The Visa Geeza

      16 Oct 2020 am31 11:44am

      Apply again for an employment visa from scratch

  • Julie

    31 Aug 2020 pm31 3:58pm

    Hi! My work visa is until June 30th but I will be ending my contract in late February. I won’t be working until I leave Hong Kong on April 6th. Will I need to go to immigration to get a visitor visa?

    I’m Canadian.

    Thank you!

    • The Visa Geeza

      7 Sep 2020 am30 9:43am

      No. Your privilege to reside in HK remains until the expiry of your employment visa even if your privilege to work is suspended upon the cessation of your employment via sponsor.

      • LTD

        13 Oct 2020 pm31 5:51pm

        Hi, I have sent in my Application for Permanent HK residents status, and it can take longer period. At this moment when I check my application status it shows (under process) but my current working visa runs out on the 16th this month.
        What do I do?
        Do I need to renew or extend my work visa or?

        Thanks in advance

        • The Visa Geeza

          16 Oct 2020 am31 11:43am

          Apply to extend your employment visa – you need this status until ImmD finalise your PR application.

  • Marc

    24 Aug 2020 pm31 2:16pm


    My employer has not yet provided to me the documents needed to renew my work visa which expired yesterday. In addition, I am afraid I will be made redundant. How does this work if my employment visa expires before the end of my 2 month notice period? What can I do?


    • The Visa Geeza

      31 Aug 2020 am31 9:14am

      They need to help you extend for 2 months to complete your notice period. In any event as some days have already passed since your visa expired you should report to ImmD ASAP to seek to regularise your overstay.

  • Sel

    24 Jul 2020 pm31 11:15pm

    Hi, I’m currently processing my IANG extension and have submitted all my docs by July 6th but my IANG visa expires July 25th (which is tomorrow). I was told that its gonna be ready within 3 to 4 weeks, which then exceeds my visa mostly by a week. I have mailed them on July 23rd but I’m yet to receive the expected response since they only replied me that they are forwarding my e-mail to the relevant section. Will I get into trouble due to this time in between? If so, then, is there anything I should do?

    • The Visa Geeza

      27 Jul 2020 am31 11:00am

      No. you wont get into trouble. Nothing you can otherwise do but wait.

  • Olivia

    30 Jun 2020 pm30 3:55pm

    Hello. I own Korean passport. My work visa will end on 27th of July. Would it be possible to apply for short term visitor visa to extend my stay in HK for a month? I would not be able to travel other countries and re-enter due to quarantine.

    • The Visa Geeza

      6 Jul 2020 pm31 1:28pm

      Yes – apply 2-3 days before expiry and ImmD will likely grant you a 60 days visitor visa. It’s a 2 stage process. Apply first and then return a week or 2 later to collect the visa = ImmD will advise exactly at the time of application.

  • Jimmy

    25 Jul 2019 pm31 1:02pm


    My employment visa expires on 1st Dec 2019 and it is looking very likely I will be made redundant in October 2019. If my redundancy package includes having to stay in HK for my 3 month notice period then paying out a further 3 months redundancy how does this work if my employment visa will have expired before the end of my 3 month notice period?


    • The Visa Geeza

      2 Aug 2019 am31 10:12am

      If you’re still working during the redundancy notice period and your visa expires you will need a short term extension to that visa to finish working out the notice period. Your employer will need to help.

  • Sylvia

    27 May 2019 am31 8:49am

    Hi my visa well be expired 3days!is it possible to extend my visa as a tourist thank you.

    • The Visa Geeza

      30 May 2019 pm31 2:05pm

      Yes. Go to ImmD before it expires. Assuming you are NOT a FDH. if you are a FDH it’s more problematic.

  • Erika

    31 Jan 2019 pm31 6:25pm

    Hello, my working visa will expire on March 14th. My contract will also end on February 28th. The company said I can stay in Hong kong until March 13th. But I’m actually planning to apply for a dependent visa since I’m getting married this February. Will I be able to apply for extension of stay and have my husband vouch for me to continue staying here in Hong Kong until my dependent visa application gets approved?

    • The Visa Geeza

      12 Feb 2019 am28 10:01am

      You will have to leave HK on March 14 or earlier and return after March 14 as a visitor. You can await your DV application process in HK as a visitor (assuming you are a visitor visa free national granted more than 6 weeks upon each entry) but no special privilege is afforded to you just because you have a DV application pending. Upon approval of your DB you will leave HK and re-enter again to activate your newly issued DV label.

  • Melady

    17 Dec 2018 pm31 9:29pm

    Hi! My working visa will expired this coming january 6. Then my boss send my documents by post to apply my new working visa but still now i dont have any update and i need to go back to my country this coming dec. 21 and go back here in hk on jan. 3. Am i allowed to travel with 3 days left till i come back here?

    • Melady

      18 Dec 2018 am31 5:45am

      for now i have my new passport and my visa was attached in my old visa

    • The Visa Geeza

      21 Dec 2018 pm31 5:33pm

      This will not be a problem assuming your visa is an employment visa issued under the General Employment Policy.

  • Marc

    6 Dec 2018 pm31 1:47pm

    I im in a bad spot by the looks of things. My dependant visa expires in january after 7 years but actually now i am divorced. For last year and half but was told by folk that id be ok to get PR. I have a teaching job but as no degree unable to get a work visa. How can i stay in hk now?

    • The Visa Geeza

      7 Dec 2018 am31 8:55am

      You will likely be granted an employment visa so long as you have been working in that profession in HK for some time and your employer is a well established company. ImmD are flexible where DVs are no extendable due to divorce. Do that ASAP (this week!) then once approved after January apply for PR

  • aries

    24 Jul 2018 pm31 8:00pm

    Hi… I am holding dependant HK visa under My Wife who is Permanent Resident in HK. My Hk Visa has expired on 7th of June 2018. I am going to hk on 3rd of August 2018 to apply the extension of Visa.
    Could I apply for appointment online?
    How do I need to extend my expired visa? any additional normal forms? could those forms be downloaded online?
    How long is the process for getting the extension visa?
    Does the guarantor who is my wife need to be shown upon applying the extension of stay for me in Immigration?


    • The Visa Geeza

      25 Jul 2018 pm31 3:16pm

      I don’t believe you can’t make an appointment on line for reinstatement (I might be wrong, check with ImmD). Process is typically the same with the additional requirement of an explanation letter as to why you didn’t renew in time. Should be completed the same day you apply. Your wife needs to contribute to the application with her signatures but does not need to attend at ImmD with you.

  • Addy

    17 Jul 2018 pm31 9:49pm

    Can I leave Hk when my IANG visa is in processing state and come back after 2 days

    • The Visa Geeza

      23 Jul 2018 pm31 2:05pm

      If you are not a Chinese national then yes you can.

  • Perween

    17 Jul 2018 am31 12:09am

    1-My current dependent visa will expire on 17 august 2018, I will be arriving Hong Kong on 8th august, Can I get extension in same day? I heard normally they take 4-6 weeks, I have genuine reason to explain for not to be present in Hong Kong earlier.

    2- I already sent application for my new born baby dependent visa, if the visa will be approved and my baby in Hong Kong as visitor,How we will activate his visa, we need to go out of Hong Kong and re-enter?


    • The Visa Geeza

      23 Jul 2018 pm31 2:07pm

      1 – If all of your papers are in good order there’s no reason why you can;t complete the extension process the same day. You will need to explain any lengthy absences and their reasons in writing but so long as your family home is here and your spouse lives and works here should be completed the day.

      2 – Yes you will need to take baby out of HK and then re-enter to activate.

  • Jim

    9 Jul 2018 pm31 4:09pm

    I am holding a working visa in HK. My son is staying with me by holding a dependent visa.
    My son’s old passport was about to expire when his visa was issued. So his current dependant visa is going to expire two months earlier than my working visa. In this case, will I be allowed to apply for visa renewal more than 28 days before the current visa expires, so that my son can apply for the visa renewal on time?

    • The Visa Geeza

      11 Jul 2018 am31 10:45am


  • Joyce

    8 Jul 2018 am31 12:48am

    Hello, my visa expires on aug 30, 2018, can I apply for extension of stay on aug 20? Is it late already?

    • The Visa Geeza

      11 Jul 2018 am31 10:45am

      30 days before is fine.

  • Lee

    26 Jun 2018 pm30 3:53pm

    My dependent visa as a spouse has expired in March and I only realized when I returned to HK this June upon notice by the border officers. Will I be able to get an extension or do I have to reapply for a new dependent visa?

    If I do get to renew, should I indicate 3 years as length of intended stay? As I will need to travel alot for work, will this affect my 7 year application for abode of stay?

    • The Visa Geeza

      27 Jun 2018 pm30 4:23pm

      Apply for a reinstatement of your previous dependant visa permissions at ImmD. The visa will be issued to the length of your spouse’s visa, assuming they are not a PHKID card holder. Otherwise, you should get the same validity as you had previously.

  • Jill

    17 Apr 2018 am30 3:26am

    How long before a dependant visa expires can you renew? I know most people say one month but can it be two months?

    • The Visa Geeza

      19 Apr 2018 pm30 1:27pm

      If you have firm travel plans to be away from HK in the 30 days before expiry then yes.

  • JMMerc

    27 Feb 2018 pm28 12:11pm

    I never had the chance to set foot to HK and use my visa because of the lengthy process in the Philippines before leaving the country as a documented employee.
    SO, I had my Visa expired on Jan 11 2018.
    The company which hired me said that my contract with them is still valid and they are renewing my visa.
    However, it is taking so long, it’s more than 6 weeks and when I’m following up on the company, they are saying that the immigration said they are still processing it.
    I remember I was asked by my company to write a letter stating why I was not able to use the visa. That was 4 weeks ago. I told every truth in my letter about the lengthy process.

    Is this normal that it is taking so long just to renew my visa? (when it was issued on October 2017, Immigration only took 4weeks)
    Lastly, given my reasons for not able to use the first visa, what percentage that the immigration will renew it? (Position: BIM Modeller)

    Thank you. please reply.

    • The Visa Geeza

      6 Mar 2018 pm31 1:54pm

      Yes this time frame is routine.

  • Mary Glen

    3 Feb 2018 am28 12:49am

    Hello there!
    My visa will expire on March 15 and that is also the day my employer will release me..can I apply for tourist visa prior to the expiration of my current working visa?
    I just want to wait for my new visa before I go home..
    Thank you..

    • The Visa Geeza

      3 Feb 2018 am28 10:31am

      You need to leave HK for Macau on the 11 pm ferry on March 15 and return to HK on the 1 am ferry on March 16. This will give you visitor permission upon re-entry back to HK.

  • julie anne quidasol

    17 Jan 2018 pm31 9:43pm

    Hi is it possible to renew my visa whilE waiting for my passport to be renewed?thankyou…

    • The Visa Geeza

      24 Jan 2018 am31 8:58am

      Start the renewal process under your old passport and then ImmD will finalise the renewal process once your new passport has been issued

  • Rhonda balingan

    3 Jan 2018 pm31 2:53pm

    Hi my visa already expired last nov.12.i didnt renew because my passport still process for the renew also.i just get my passport and i plan to go at immigration tomorrow .will they still issue my employment contract is on 2019.thanks

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Jan 2018 am31 11:32am

      You’ve been an overstayer so ImmD will question you a lot. You should have applied even before your passport expired and ImmD would have waited to finish your extension until your new passport was issued. It should be Ok but not entirely without problems.

  • vanda

    23 Dec 2017 am31 2:28am

    HI, I am currently on employment visa and it expires 25th of Jan 2018. Right now I am not in Hong Kong because of holidays and I am coming back 8th of Jan. Can I still apply for extension? Isn’t it too late?
    Thanks a lot for a help.

    • The Visa Geeza

      27 Dec 2017 am31 10:46am

      Yes you can apply any time within 30 days of the expiry date but you must physically be in Hong Kong.

  • Devina rai

    2 Dec 2017 pm31 1:21pm

    Hi my dependent visa expired on dec 5 (been in hongkong for 7 years). Do i need to extend my visa?

    I have already given my application for permanent ID a month ago but still shows on progress when i do the enquiry. The main reason i got worry about is that i havent said the immigration officer that my husband is in jail. And without his presence i cannot extend my visa. Please help me.

    • The Visa Geeza

      4 Dec 2017 pm31 2:08pm

      You MUST extend your dependant visa prior to the finalisation of your PHKID card application. At least you must have an application to extend your DV in the system whilst your PHKID card application is playing itself out. It is December 4 today. Go to ImmD tomorrow morning December 5 first thing, 5/F, and explain your situation re, your husband. DO NOT BECOME AN OVERSTAYER BEFORE YOUR PHKID CARD APPLICATION IS APPROVED.

  • Wahid Kalam Piash

    30 Nov 2017 pm30 8:13pm

    My Visa application for Hong Kong has been approved today 30.11.2017. But i don’t want to print it now. How long the approval will be valid to print.

    • The Visa Geeza

      1 Dec 2017 pm31 4:26pm

      You need to contact your officer and explain your situation to see how ImmD can help you. Usually you must collect the visa label within 30 days.

  • Rhezell

    29 Nov 2017 am30 10:26am

    i just want to ask if i can leave hk for vacation on the same day of my visa expires but i will renew to the sam ye employer before i leave…thank you

    • The Visa Geeza

      29 Nov 2017 pm30 2:47pm


  • rick

    23 Oct 2017 pm31 1:22pm

    I have two question:
    1. my working visa from my current office is until March 2019. If i want to find a new job, can i transfer my working visa to a new company? is it MUST be the same nature company to transfer my working visa to another company?

    2. I have a plan to resign. Can i apply a new working visa while i am still working on my company?

    • The Visa Geeza

      31 Oct 2017 am31 9:21am

      1 – essentially yes – ImmD will readily approve like for like employment visa change of sponsorship applications

      2 – yes you can.

  • Raj

    16 Oct 2017 pm31 2:06pm

    I am holding an Indian Passport and wish to Visit HK for a day on tourist Visa.

    I live and work in China Mainland with legal work visa and residence permit. I do know that Indian passport can get 14 days VOA based on PAR. I have already tried to apply for PAR for 3 times but it got unsuccessful.

    I got successful PAR with my old passport but I had to apply for a new one because it was full.

    I am trying to apply the new PAR with my new passport but no luck.

    I have also applied for tourist visa to HK immigration office but the application refused.

    I don’t have any bad history for HK and already been to HK with my old passport several times.

    anyone can help?

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Oct 2017 pm31 6:45pm

      There’s nothing we can do I’m afraid.

  • Cha

    12 Oct 2017 pm31 8:29pm

    Hello. My working visa will expire on March 04,2017 and my passport will expire on january 22,2019(10 months) if i don’t renew my passport how many months does the ImmD grant me if i renew my working visa.

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Oct 2017 pm31 6:47pm

      just til the validity of your passport. Better apply for a new passport before your current visa expires.

  • Laura Ann Louise Fabillon

    2 Oct 2017 am31 11:53am

    hello .. good day
    my visa will expire on nov.12 2017 .. i will go vietnam for my exit and my flight is on nov.11 2017 (11:45pm) .. is it still possible if ever my new visa is not yet release.?!
    thank yOu ..

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Oct 2017 am31 11:39am

      Yes as long as you leave before the expiry of your current limit of stay on the 12th it’s fine.

  • Emma

    29 Sep 2017 pm30 5:05pm

    Please help me
    My visa expired on today 29 sept 2017 and this day also I hit my 7years
    I have submited my application for permanent ID on 27 july 2017 amd 2 days later come the lettter from immD that my application was accepted, but until this day my visa last day I dont have any second letter for comforming my applicatioon, when I call last week officer incharge told me that my application will process on today 29 sep 2017
    I am so worry I apply for my extention of stayon last 27 sept 2017 they give me small note to waiting the letter they will send to me
    Is this mean immD will rejected my extention of stay or application for my permanent ID because my belove husban pass away last year
    Can you help me please ??

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Oct 2017 am31 11:41am

      This sounds routine and suggests there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Anna

    28 Sep 2017 pm30 3:08pm

    Hi I am on student dependency and currently residing in Hongkong. My husband graduated and got his IANG visa approved ,he applied for his visa along with mine in his application. His visa got approved and mine is in progress ,my visa is expiring on the3rd of October,can I still stay in Hongkong as mine is under progress?

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Oct 2017 am31 11:42am


  • Clea Parreno

    20 Sep 2017 pm30 3:36pm

    Hello,my visa will expire this oct.8,2017 then today i process my new visa but due to lack of some documents, the immigration officer schedule me on oct.9 and bring the needed documents it ok..that my visa already expire on oct 8?thank you

    • The Visa Geeza

      23 Sep 2017 am30 9:25am

      Yes, so long as you have started the process with ImmD

  • rhea

    14 Sep 2017 pm30 6:43pm

    my visa will expire this coming 16th of september 2017 and i already submit my extension visa processing documents, will it be okay to stay untill my extension visa is issued?

    • The Visa Geeza

      18 Sep 2017 pm30 3:32pm

      I assume you are holding an employment visa. If so then yes no problem to stay until your visa extension applciation has been approved.

  • Singye wangchuk

    8 Sep 2017 pm30 8:19pm


    I am holding dependant visa in hk. My wife and me planning to reside in my country permanently. So It will effect my right of abode after 7 years even after renewal of D visa.

    • The Visa Geeza

      18 Sep 2017 pm30 3:35pm

      Yes, you can’t claim to have taken Hong Kong as your only place of permanent residence on form ROP146 if you are actually lving permanently in another country. Mere possession of a dependant visa does not equate to ‘ordinary residence in Hong Kong’

  • Beverly

    28 Jun 2017 pm30 5:24pm

    Hi good afternoon. I’ll be renewing my contract with my employer but my passport will expire on July 5, 2018. I wanna ask how many months of visa will they give me and how can I get my remaining visa two years contract after I renew my passport. Thank you.

    • The Visa Geeza

      2 Jul 2017 pm31 6:24pm

      what kind of visa?

  • Leo

    24 Jun 2017 am30 6:36am

    Hi. I was given a work termination notice by my employer due to redundancy until july 31 2017 and my visa will expire on Sept. 13 2017. can I stay in hk until the duration of my visa?

    • The Visa Geeza

      24 Jun 2017 am30 11:28am

      Yes, you privilege to work was suspended when your employment ended buy your privilege to reside continues until your current limit of stay expires.

  • Honey hazelle Valeros

    2 Jun 2017 pm30 12:55pm

    hi. my working visa will expired on june 21 2017. but my boss booked my ticket on june 22 it ok to go home on that day without a problem in the immigration?

    • The Visa Geeza

      3 Jun 2017 pm30 3:49pm

      I don’t recommend it but if you arrive very early for your flight and be ready to pay HKD190 they will probably clear you for departure.

  • May

    23 May 2017 pm31 10:28pm

    Hi, i am an expat and have been working in the same company for my almost 7 yrs now, from october 23, 2010, up to present, my visa will expire this coming october 5, 2017. Supposed to be my 7th yr, but my company doesnt want to renew my contract. What is the best thing for me to do? Thank u

    • The Visa Geeza

      24 May 2017 am31 11:27am

      You have a problem as you need to have a valid residence visa (in your case an employment visa) at the time of the 7 year anniversary when you apply for PR. You need to think about finding a new employer prior to the expiry of your current employment visa.

  • Jay

    19 May 2017 pm31 5:44pm

    I extended my visa and it ends on July 13th but my working contract states that I work until August 31st. What should I do?

    • The Visa Geeza

      24 May 2017 am31 11:22am

      Get a short term extension of stay until August 31 under employment condition. Then you’ll have to leave on August 31 11 pm ferry to Macau and return to Hong Kong as a visitor on the 1 am ferry from Macau on September 1. Then seek new employment if that is your intention and apply for an employment visa sponsored by a new employer.

  • Atik Garg

    24 Apr 2017 am30 10:41am

    Hi, My working visa will expire on 3rd August 2017 but I am planning to go my home country on 6th August. Should I have to extend my VISA?

    • The Visa Geeza

      27 Apr 2017 pm30 11:39pm

      Yes you should.

  • Arnold

    3 Apr 2017 am30 9:53am

    I hold a WHV ending in one day. The past six months, I have been working in my father’s company, and we would like to proceed to the application for the employment visa.

    The company has been opened in 2010 and is financially sustainable. How hard do you think it will be to obtain the visa, knowing that the company only includes my father ( and me during the past six months)

  • Sri

    21 Feb 2017 am28 10:06am

    Hi, thanks for the information on your blog
    Re the above – “2. Consequently, when your current period of stay runs out, you will have to go to Immigration Tower in Wanchai and get yourself a visitor visa on the pre-text that you need to remain in the HKSAR to continue to find an alternate employment”

    1/ Are visitor visas after expiry of work visas issued/obtained easily (or is it case by case)
    2/ What is the max length of such a visitor visa
    3/ Does one need to travel out of HK and come back to switch from an employment visa into a visitors visa

    thanks for your inputs

    • The Visa Geeza

      24 Feb 2017 am28 10:12am

      1/ Are visitor visas after expiry of work visas issued/obtained easily (or is it case by case).

      Case by case. The more surer way these days is to leave for Macau on the 11 pm ferry and come back on the 1 am ferry the very next day after your last day of your employment visa

      2/ What is the max length of such a visitor visa

      Only short term – see 1 above

      3/ Does one need to travel out of HK and come back to switch from an employment visa into a visitors visa

      If ImmD grant you a short term visitor visa as in 1 no; the better option is Macau.

  • Fer

    16 Feb 2017 pm28 1:36pm

    I am the Working Visa holder and i lost my job, my Wife is on Dependent Visa and she is working. Our Visa ends in 1 year and a half.
    How it’s works by the law? Is she allowed to continue to work if i am not working?There is a time limit? Because in her contract she need to give 3 months notice.

  • sobana

    2 Feb 2017 pm28 6:05pm

    I have HK employment visa which will expire in Sep-2017.I came to my home country on May-2016(almost 9 months) to give birth and working from home for my current employer. Do I face any issue when I entered HK for long stay out of HK or Do I need to submit any form?

    Please advice

    • The Visa Geeza

      7 Feb 2017 pm28 9:09pm

      Should be OK. However when you apply to extend they may ask to prove that you intend to live in Hong Kong. If you don’t actually live and work in Hong Kong they will conclude you don’t need the visa.

  • Gabriele Pace

    12 Jan 2017 am31 12:18am

    I use to leave in Hong Kong from 2012 until 2016 with a working Visa
    I had to go back to my country italy ( Family Issue)
    Can I go back to Hong Kong to work with a working visa?

    • The Visa Geeza

      14 Jan 2017 am31 11:17am

      As it is now 2017 in order to work in HK again you would have to get a job offer and have that employer sponsor you again for a new working visa.

  • Eli

    8 Jan 2017 am31 5:15am

    I’ve been working in hk for 5 years, ionly need 2 more years to get a residency visa, if I change employer will it affect anything? Will I have start the 7 years all over again?

    • The Visa Geeza

      14 Jan 2017 am31 11:24am

      No – just so long as there is no break in your back to back employment visa permissions – which whilst not automatically being fatal to your RoA application, any such breaks in your continuous residence visa permissions can certainly complicate it…

  • Canary

    5 Jan 2017 pm31 5:17pm

    May friends applied theto extension of Staythe visa on 5Dec 2016. However the visa is still in pending status. Her employment contacted is done by 20Jan 2018 actually. Her visa is going to expire on 9 Jan2017. Can she still stay in hk and work until the visa is ready?
    Also she has 2kids who use visitor visa to stay in hk? during the waiting period, can they still staying in hk? Thanks

    • The Visa Geeza

      14 Jan 2017 am31 11:29am

      Assuming she has an employment visa then yes. if she has an FDH visa I’m sorry I don’t have the answer as we have no specialization in FDH visas. If the kids are here in HK on visitor visas they must have a valid limit of stay under that status in order to steal compliant with their visitor status. There is no connection between a parent’s pending immigration application and visitor status of any children of the applicant. So under no circumstances should she allow the kids’ visitor visas to run out without either leaving and returning (to fresh their limit of stay as visitors) or getting an extension from Immigration Tower – otherwise they will be illegal overstayers.

  • khan

    16 Dec 2016 pm31 4:06pm

    Actually my wife’s dependant visa expired and i hvent noticed and v were out of hk tht time i..unfortunity she cannt comeback due to limit of stay has been expired and she resident more than 4 years in hk. So how can i bring her back with not lose contunity od her length..thx

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Dec 2016 pm31 12:31pm

      Get her visa reinstated by bringing her back to Hong Kong as a visitor (assuming she is a visit visa upon arrival national) and seeking such reinstatement. if she is not a visit visa upon arrival national then you will have to apply for an entry dependant visa all over again). This may or may not impact her continuity of ordinary residence for the purposes of a right of abode application after 7 years (it all depends) but in any event DO NOT LOSE ANY FURTHER TIME woithout her holding a resident visa and having her a full time resident of HK once again.

  • Adrian

    15 Dec 2016 pm31 7:47pm

    Hi, my Working visa (Musician) will expire on january 20, 2017, and im going back to my country on January 9th for my annual leave, is it possible to renew my visa as early as tomorrow dec 16th or on Monday january 19th? So i can collect my extention of stay before january 9th? Thanks!

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Dec 2016 pm31 12:32pm

      Yes, as long as you have all the extension documents in hand and also clear evidence of your plans to travel at the time to make your extension of stay applciation.

  • Snowdust

    15 Dec 2016 pm31 5:37pm

    Hi! Just wanna ask if it’s okay to apply extension of stay on the day your visa expire?

    • The Visa Geeza

      15 Dec 2016 pm31 6:25pm

      Yes but ImmD will scowl at you!

  • Mc gregor

    15 Nov 2016 pm30 6:38pm

    Can i apply for extension of stay even my visa will expire 2days before you apply for it.

    • The Visa Geeza

      15 Nov 2016 pm30 6:43pm


  • Ravi

    13 Nov 2016 am30 12:13am

    My employer filed my family visa as work permit instead of depended visa. Now my wife is coming end of nov.

    I request hk immigration department to grant visa asap with reason as above.

    Now, can I bring my wife on arrival while depended visa is in process? would be any problem?

    • The Visa Geeza

      13 Nov 2016 pm30 12:46pm

      Sorry can you please rephrase this question more completely as I can’t really get the gist of what you are asking.

  • Firda noorlia

    5 Oct 2016 pm31 12:58pm

    Hi, I just renew my Indonesian passport and then I realized that my working visa in the old passport ! And it’s to be supposed to be expired this month, Oct 10. And my contract with my employee until next year Nov 4, should I go to immigration to extend new visa. Thank you.

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Oct 2016 am31 10:54am

      Yes you should.

  • Jes

    13 Sep 2016 am30 11:41am

    Hi… both my visa and passport will expire this October 2 though my contract is valid until march next year. coz I entered hongkong a year before my passport expiration . now i forgot about all this so i didn’t renew earlier and i just applied for passport renewal w/c will be released oct. 27. Planning to apply for passport extension but i don’t know what to do with my visa. Should or can i also apply for visa extension? Please help.

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Sep 2016 pm30 12:27pm

      You need to seek an extension of stay to your employment visa and also get a new passport BEFORE October 2

  • Krishan

    31 Aug 2016 pm31 3:23pm

    Hi, my HK work visa has already expired. However, i have applied for the change of job before the expiry of old visa.

    So technically, am i allowed to stay in HK as long as my “extension & change of job” application is in process.

    Moreover, am i allowed to travel outside of HK and come back in that period?

  • Fiona Kee

    15 Jul 2016 pm31 6:27pm

    I just renewed my malaysian passport in HK and THEN, i realized that my student visa in the old passport ! It is supposed to be expired by end of this coming August. What will happen? if i carry the old and new passport to the custom, is my student visa still VALID??

    • The Visa Geeza

      19 Jul 2016 am31 8:03am

      Yes it’s still valid. As you enter and exit Hong Kong on your ID card in any event there is no practical issue arising for you. The next time you get a visa in your passport you will use your new passport rather than your old one. Carry your old and new passports with you when you travel in any event, just to be safe.

  • Busybee

    30 May 2016 pm31 10:46pm

    When I renew my FDH contract ,the immigration have given me 2 stickers of visa since I was not going back my country after I finished my 2 years contract for holidays , so my one of my visa sticker is expiring on NOV 2016 and anothe one iS NOV 2017 ,they have told me to exit once before my 1st visa expire , so my question is if I am going back this July and come back on August do I have to exit again from hk on this nov as well?

    • The Visa Geeza

      31 May 2016 pm31 10:14pm

      Sorry I have no idea. We have no competency in FDH visas.

  • Jay

    26 May 2016 am31 12:28am

    Just wanna ask if it’s possible for me to extend my visit visa at the immigration of hk?thankyou

    • The Visa Geeza

      26 May 2016 am31 8:51am

      You can certainly try – you may get a week or 2 depending on your reason for the extension, your nationality and your prior record of visiting Hong Kong trouble free.

  • Romain

    20 Apr 2016 am30 10:31am


    My working visa Will expire soon, but i Will stay in HK with a tourist visa the time I find a new job.

    Do I need to do anything with the Tax Department ? As I know that when you leave the country there is Tax duties to fullfill. Does it apply to me even if I stay in HK as a tourist ?

    Thanks in advance

    • The Visa Geeza

      23 Apr 2016 am30 9:47am

      Whilst this question is not really immigration related, and I have no competency in this subject matter. anecdotally I would suggest you go an visit thw IRD and learn what they have to say about your situation so that you remain in compliance with them.

  • Catherine

    18 Jan 2016 pm31 11:12pm

    My employer want to extend me for 2-3 mons more to stay Hong Kong even my 2years contract is done..
    Is it possible to apply visa extension on this case?

    • The Visa Geeza

      19 Jan 2016 am31 8:25am

      Assuming your visa was issued under the general employment policy, then yes.


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