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Nov 2020

What Chance of Approval for a 3-6 Month Intern Visa for Hong Kong & What Documents Are Needed?

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Intern visa for Hong Kong? Internships for foreign national students seeking experience in Hong Kong are getting ever more popular…




Our company is trying to hire an intern on a short 3-6 months internship.

He holds a British passport.

If he meets all the criteria on the Hong Kong Immigration Website, will there be any chance he will still be rejected for the visa?

On top of it, the government requires the sponsoring company to be a well-established company, capable of providing the proposed training, how can we prove that when we apply for him?

Do you have any tips on helping an intern apply for a training visa successfully?

Many thanks.

Documents Referenced in the PodCast Answer & Needed for an Intern (Training) Visa Application

The Applicant

Application form ID992A

Copy of applicant passport bio details pages

Passport size photograph

Updated CV

Personal bank statement

School Transcript of Academic records

Supporting letter issued by the school printed on school letterhead

The Engaging Sponsor

Sponsorship Application form ID992B

Signed Internship Agreement

Copy of Business Registration Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation

Latest Audited Financial Statement

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Nov 2020

Is 7 Weeks a Long Time to Wait For the Hong Kong Immigration Department to Finalize a Training Visa Application?

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Foreign nationals can come to Hong Kong to receive training – the question is how long can you reasonably expect the visa application consideration exercise to take?



I recently signed a contract for a 12-month training with one of the biggest insurance companies in Hong Kong. 

My application for training visa has been submitted at the beginning of April, by the visa agency working with that company.

And now I am still waiting for the results.

As for my personal information, I am Chinese (PRC) and I have lived in Germany for the past six years to complete my undergraduate/graduate study.

I obtained my diploma in February this year. I hold a residence permit in Germany renewable each year.

The immigration office has asked supporting documents from the insurance company in the past weeks as well as my future plans in writing.

Now they are in completely silent.

I was told by the agency dealing with my visa application that the junior officers in the Immigration Department could not decide how to proceed with my application.

So the senior officers are looking at my documents. But seven weeks have been passed since the submission of my application until today.

I would like to know whether you have already seen someone spending this long to obtain a training visa and my chance to actually obtaining one from your point of view.

If you have some suggestions to accelerate this process, do not hesitate to give them to me as well! I really need them.

Many thanks for your help!

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Nov 2020

Return2hk – Quarantine Travel Scheme for Hong Kong Residents

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Fast moving – no experience with it yet – here is the Government blurb …


Pursuant to section 12 and 12A of the Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation (the Regulation) (Cap. 599C), the Secretary for Food and Health would specify Guangdong Province and Macao as Category 2 specified places in China with effect from November 23, 2020. She would further specify the conditions for the purpose of section 12(2) of the Regulation.

This Scheme aims to facilitate Hong Kong residents who, upon fulfilment of the conditions specified under sections 12 and 12A of the Regulation, including not having been to places other than Hong Kong, the Guangdong Province or Macao in the past 14 days prior to or upon the day of arrival in Hong Kong, to be exempted from the 14-day compulsory quarantine requirement when returning to Hong Kong. More…

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Nov 2020

UPDATE: Hong Kong – Singapore Travel Bubble DOESN’T Start November 22, 2020

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COVID19 continues apace. Bubble put back at least 2 weeks… I’ll update this post with news as it comes in.


Hong Kong – Singapore Travel Bubble!

The long-awaited air travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong will [NOT] start on November 22 with a quota of 200 passengers each way on one dedicated flight per day. It’s a start!

Picture Credit: CX

This will be increased to 2 flights daily from  December 7 onwards.

Visitors to Singapore from Hong Kong have to apply Air Travel Pass (ATP) between 7 to 30 days before entering Singapore and applications opened on November 12.

For details on the Singapore end, see this link.

For FAQs on the Hong Kong end, see this link.

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Nov 2020

Does the Hong Kong Employment Visa Change of Sponsorship Process Expressly Disclose to My New Employer the Reason For Me Leaving My Previous Job?

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This an excellent question which has never come up in this fashion before so I’m delighted to provide the answer!


First Published July 30, 2013


I have just been made redundant by my Australian employer and my last day working in Hong Kong will be August 30, 2013.

My visa permit period extends to the end of next year (November 2014).

I am coincidentally in the final stages of negotiating a new role with a different firm, also located in Hong Kong.

However, I do not want my potential new employer to know that I have been made redundant, lest they use this knowledge to my detriment in the final stages of compensation negotiations.

My question is two-fold:

1. When my new employer eventually undertakes the Change of Visa Sponsorship activity, will they come to know that I was made redundant, or will the forms be silent vis a vis who left whom?

2. Will my new employer know the date I left the current firm, i.e., August 30, or only that I have left it and that I am eligible for a new work visa sponsored by them?

Thanks very much in advance.

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Nov 2020

So, Just What is the Deal With the Right to Land in Hong Kong Anyway?

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The right to land in Hong Kong impacts quite a number of people here but does not figure much in the general immigration scheme as it is not a status that you can apply for per se, nor is it an immigration status that you can acquire by descent.


The right to land in Hong Kong is available in certain situations which I discuss in the context of this question which popped into my Inbox first thing this morning (and I have assumed the questioner’s parents are Chinese citizens for the purpose of this question).


“Hi, I was born in Netherlands in 1974, but my parents are from Hong Kong. Will I still be able to apply for the right to land? “

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Nov 2020

Hong Kong Right of Abode for Foreign Nationals – When Does the 7 Year Clock Start Ticking?

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This question comes up quite often so I’m grateful to this questioner for asking it. The answer is straight forward enough, but in my PodCast below, I set out why the reason it is as it is – and why trying to start your Right of Abode application earlier is essentially an exercise in futulity!


“Hi there – just a quick question.

I know that you need to have lived in Hong Kong for a full 7 years before you can become a PR but actually, when does the 7 years officially begin? The reason I ask is that I lived in Hong Kong for 11 months as a visitor before my first employment visa was granted to me but in all of that time I was properly living here, renting a flat, bank account, my own bills etc. so I just need to know when it makes sense for me to apply for my PR.

Thanks for your help and excellent website!”

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