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May 2022

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May 2022

How is My Dependant Visa Affected Under the Mainland Talents & Professionals Scheme if My Sponsor Father Goes Back to China to Work?

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How is your dependant visa affected under the Mainland Talents & Professionals Scheme if your sponsor father is heading home?  SMALL-keep-calm-and-ask-the-visa-geeza

What happens to a Hong Kong resident dependant visa holder sponsored by a parent holding a visa issued under the Admission of Mainland Talents & Professionals Scheme where the parent is unlikely to remain in Hong Kong – but the dependant wants to stay?


I am currently holding a dependent visa of which my father is the sponsor, under the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals.

 The situation is that:

(A). There is a chance that my father, the sponsor, would not be able to extend his stay since he has to spend more time working in mainland than in Hong Kong (i.e., his visa would expire in 2014 if not successfully extended, which technically means my dependent visa would expire at the same time) (B). However, I myself has an offer to start working at a multinational company this September.

 Given the prime goal of attaining permanent residency for me, I need your expertise and suggestions on the following questions:

1. If there’s a large chance that my father will not be able to claim permanent residency two years from now (when 7 years has been reached since first got HKID), shall I switch to employment visa as soon as I am eligible to do so?

2. I have held dependent visa for 5 years now. After year 7, can I apply for permanent residency independently (given that we have successfully extended our sponsor/dependent visas till then?) Or does my outcome depends on my father’s application/status?

3. If I do switch from a dependent visa to an employment visa, say in September of this year. Will the accumulation of residency start over from the new visa? i.e., Say I work in Hong Kong under employment visa for 2 more years. Does that give me a total of 7 years, or only 2, for the application for permanent residency? 

4. Aside, I understand that 7 years is only a precondition for application of PR. So if I do get 7 years from the scenario above (5 dependent + 2 employment), yet I didn’t stay much in Hong Kong in the 5 years as a dependent. Would that significantly impact my chance of claiming PR?

Thank you very much for answering this long list of questions.  I really appreciate your time and help.

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May 2022

Hong Kong Work Visa – Is 2 Years Post Graduation Work Experience An Absolute Prerequisite?

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If you are a graduate is it hard and fast that you need at least 2 years post graduation working experience in a managerial or supervisory capacity in order to secure a Hong Kong work visa – or is there some wriggle room in this regard?


Hi there,

I have heard in one of your podcasts, that one needs to have at least 2 years post-graduate experience.

After my graduation I was on a 1 year working holiday visa in Hong Kong and could claim 0.5 year working experience out of that. I also had lots of working experience before my graduation.

Now my question is:

Is the 2 years working experience a YES/NO criteria in getting a Hong Kong work visa?

Or is there a chance to receive an employment visa with less than 2 years experience if all other factors are positive?

And finally, would I be better off applying for a training visa in this case?

Thank you for your help.

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May 2022

Is 7 Weeks a Long Time to Wait For the Hong Kong Immigration Department to Finalize a Training Visa Application?

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Foreign nationals can come to Hong Kong to receive training – the question is how long can you reasonably expect the visa application consideration exercise to take?



I recently signed a contract for a 12-month training with one of the biggest insurance companies in Hong Kong. 

My application for training visa has been submitted at the beginning of April, by the visa agency working with that company.

And now I am still waiting for the results.

As for my personal information, I am Chinese (PRC) and I have lived in Germany for the past six years to complete my undergraduate/graduate study.

I obtained my diploma in February this year. I hold a residence permit in Germany renewable each year.

The immigration office has asked supporting documents from the insurance company in the past weeks as well as my future plans in writing.

Now they are in completely silent.

I was told by the agency dealing with my visa application that the junior officers in the Immigration Department could not decide how to proceed with my application.

So the senior officers are looking at my documents. But seven weeks have been passed since the submission of my application until today.

I would like to know whether you have already seen someone spending this long to obtain a training visa and my chance to actually obtaining one from your point of view.

If you have some suggestions to accelerate this process, do not hesitate to give them to me as well! I really need them.

Many thanks for your help!

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May 2022

Which is Better – Apply for a Hong Kong Investment Visa Directly or for an Employment Visa First then after Approval Become a Shareholder in Your Own Business?

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It hardly matters how you skin this cat, ImmD will approach it in exactly the same way… as a new business situation.



I plan to start a business with three other partners. Two of these are Hong Kong permanent residents and one of them is in the same situation as myself: recently unemployed and staying on an employee work visa.

My question is, as far as maximizing the chances of getting and retaining a visa to work in Hong Kong, would it be beneficial to apply as employees and wait until visas are granted before becoming partners in the company, or to run them as Hong Kong investment visa applications?

I have taken into consideration that:

1. I trust my permanent resident partners, and

2. Both myself and my colleague likely have better cases for employee work visa renewals (i.e. unique skill sets and experience and not a lot of cash).

Thank you very much for your help in these regards.

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May 2022

What Chance of Approval for a 3-6 Month Intern Visa for Hong Kong & What Documents Are Needed?

Posted by / in Employment Visas, Your Question Answered / 12 responses

Intern visa for Hong Kong? Internships for foreign national students seeking experience in Hong Kong are getting ever more popular…




Our company is trying to hire an intern on a short 3-6 months internship.

He holds a British passport.

If he meets all the criteria on the Hong Kong Immigration Website, will there be any chance he will still be rejected for the visa?

On top of it, the government requires the sponsoring company to be a well-established company, capable of providing the proposed training, how can we prove that when we apply for him?

Do you have any tips on helping an intern apply for a training visa successfully?

Many thanks.

Documents Referenced in the PodCast Answer & Needed for an Intern (Training) Visa Application

The Applicant

Application form ID992A

Copy of applicant passport bio details pages

Passport size photograph

Updated CV

Personal bank statement

School Transcript of Academic records

Supporting letter issued by the school printed on school letterhead

The Engaging Sponsor

Sponsorship Application form ID992B

Signed Internship Agreement

Copy of Business Registration Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation

Latest Audited Financial Statement

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May 2022

How Can I Go From Being a Sponsored Hong Kong Employment Visa Holder to Working in My Own Business as I Wait Out the 7 Years to Permanent Residency Here?

Posted by / in Employment Visas, Investment Visas, Long Stay & PR, Your Question Answered / No responses

If you leave your job and want to start your own business in Hong Kong, what are the immigration implications of this if you are a temporary resident foreign national employee?



Hi Stephen,

I am in a bit of a pickle, I am currently waiting for my PR and I have a visa extension til next year. I have quit my job with my employer as they are unable to pay me the rate I need and that was on the contract due to the economic downturn.

I want to set up my own company and be a service provider for both local and international organisations in Hong Kong as well as grow my own consulting practice.

How do I do this ?

Though I quit my job am I still OK to be in Hong Kong until I set up my business and have it up and running?


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