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Hadley Says

What Happens If You Overstay Your Hong Kong Visa Limit of Stay?

July 8th, 2023

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What Happens If You Overstay Your Hong Kong Visa?

Updated July 2023

The Immigration Department are very strict about people who overstay their visa in Hong Kong.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Hong Kong Visa – Report Immediately

If you are a visitor here and find yourself a day or 2 accidently overstaying, and have a good reason for this oversight, you may very well be able to sort it out at the airport as you depart. But don’t rely on this. Much batter to report to ImmD immediately.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Hong Kong Visa – Not Recommended

However, you must appreciate that it is not recommended that you allow this to happen, nor that the Hong Kong Immigration Department will be happy with this state of affairs.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Hong Kong Visa – The Longer The Overstay, The Bigger The Problem …

In every other case, you must immediately report to Immigration Tower in Wanchai as soon as you realize that your current limit of stay has expired – visitor or resident alike.

The Hong Kong Immigration Department take the question of visa overstayers very seriously indeed – and long term overstayers could find themselves incarcerated for a period before being removed from Hong Kong – so under no circumstances should you allow an overstay to happen.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Hong Kong Visa – Residents Need A Very Good Excuse …

If you are a resident and have a genuine reason for slightly overstaying your visa (say because you’ve been in hospital) and there has been no-one around to help you sort your visa out, you can expect that the Department will be sympathetic and happy to help.

But everyone has a legal obligation to remain in Hong Kong subject to all their conditions of stay, including the limit or time imposed, and if you breach this, the consequences can be very serious indeed.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Hong Kong Visa – Your Limit Of Stay Is Sacrosant

So please, take your visa expiry date as sacrosanct and plan your lives here around the immigration permissions you have been given – including the time allowed to stay.

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The Hong Kong Visa Geeza (a.k.a Stephen Barnes) is a co-founder of the Hong Kong Visa Centre and author of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. A law graduate of the London School of Economics, Stephen has been practicing Hong Kong immigration since 1993 and is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on business immigration matters here for the last 24 years.

  • Cha

    22 Mar 2024 pm31 2:56pm

    Hello, I’m filipino that have a dependent visa that expires 3 months ago, my husband is HK resident and my sponsor. I’m not working in HK. I was asked to go to Skyline tower today and told them about my reason of overstaying, my daughter and I applied our visa together last time and I forgot that mine expires earlier because of my passport expiration date. we are preparing our passport for easter holiday when I saw we don’t have the same expiration date. I was told I will be going back there every 4 weeks starting April 3, Do I need to get a lawyer?

    • The Visa Geeza

      25 Mar 2024 pm31 7:28pm

      Yes. I believe you should. ImmD are a law enforcement agency and they will seek to evaluate a prosecution for the overstay. Let me know if you need an introduction to an experienced criminal immigration lawyer and I will make the intro.

  • Phil

    19 Jan 2024 pm31 10:43pm

    Hello, in 2023 I was working at a company in HK and they made me a new sponsorship… it is really dumb but they never payed for the visa … only 90 hkd… i realised it after 7 month and i was then overstay for 7 month… went to immigartion and they made investigation for 7 month on me but i was still free
    After the investigation they asked me to leave HK and when i asked de immigration officer if I could ever go back he just said he doesnt know and maybe i can try one day….
    Do you know if in my situtation i will be forbiden to enter HK even as a tourist ? Don’t really want to try and just have to go back by the next plane…
    Many thanks

    • The Visa Geeza

      1 Feb 2024 am29 10:45am

      It’s one of those situations where unless and until you apply for a residence visa you will never really know. There is a risk that you will denied upon entiry if you just show up at the airport so my advice would be to apply for a visitor visa before travelling to Hong Kong. That way you’ll avoid the risk of being refused entry and returned to where you came from.

  • Ren

    17 Jan 2024 pm31 3:46pm

    Hello sir ive been over staying 2 in a half years since 2013 then i surrender to immigration 2016..So almost 8 years ago…
    Im planning to work again as a domestic , is there any chance to work again in hongkong?8

    • The Visa Geeza

      19 Jan 2024 pm31 12:13pm


  • JG

    3 Jan 2024 am31 12:28am

    Hi My mom was overstayed in Hk for 10days and went to immigration for formalities ,and only we found it out when we applied for her extension visa , the only mistake is we had misunderstood her entry visa in macau and Hk . When we went to immigration they just let us write a letter written that why she had overstayed in Hk. And the give her 1 more day visa to exit Hk.

    My question is , is she still can go back to Hk for visit , since I’m permanent resident in Hk , and wanted my mom to visit me when she wants .

    • The Visa Geeza

      9 Jan 2024 am31 9:13am

      Generally it should be OK.

  • Juan

    12 Nov 2023 pm30 12:28pm

    Hi! my training visa was end in August 9 but i go to Macau in August 12 for holiday and then go back to Hongkong. When i go back to entry HK the officer ask me about overstay. but i make sure my visa will be activated when i entry HK. (i entry HK in February 12 for training 6 months). So it will be 3 days overstay.

    After that day i just go to immigration office tower in Wanchai and ask about visa extension. The officer Said it will be ok no need to pay fee extension. because i already got the tourist visa. then when i left HK to my country it’s normally ok. i just can go fly

    I just wondering if this situation can affect my future to visit or work again in Hongkong?

    • The Visa Geeza

      13 Nov 2023 am30 11:00am

      I doubt it.

  • Katryn

    1 Nov 2023 am30 12:23am

    Hello! Good morning, I just want to ask if I can apply visa in advance in Singapore or e-visa online in HK when we arrive. I’m a Philippine passport holder and my employer is a Singapore passport. She told me to get a visa in agency but the agency can’t help me and she told me that I can only apply as individual or through online because Philippines passport has a 14 days of free visa. My employer wants to stay for 30 days in Hongkong and bought tickets already. What should I do? When we went in HK last time. I have a record of 2 days overstaying already last time. Should I get visa online or go to immigration office in HK? I’m currently working here in Singapore. Thank you.

  • K

    12 Oct 2023 am31 2:26am

    I accidentally overstayed my visa for 3 months and I found out about it only at the airport. The immigration stop me, I was shocked. I have visited Hong Kong 2 times back in 2018 staying each time for 3 months. Coming back in 2023 I remember that’s maximum amount of days to stay for Polish passport is 3 months, but then a friend of mine confused me and I found the article that claimed the same. My irresponsibility showed up in my face. So they took my passport and ask me to show up for the interview at Skyline tower in Kowloon Bay. So I did, 2 days ago. After all they asked me to show up on 20th as my mother language isn’t English and they need a person that will communicate in polish. I am stressed about what I should expect. My heart will get broken if I wouldn’t be able to renetry Hong again.

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Oct 2023 pm31 12:28pm

      You need a lawyer to accompany you on the 20th. I will email you.

  • Olivia

    21 Jul 2023 am31 8:00am

    Hi I tried to seek asylum and later changed my mind after 4 months, I went back home in August 2018, I tried coming back in feb 2019 from china boarder but was denied entry. Can I ever come back or transit in HK any more? I miss it so bad …

    • The Visa Geeza

      25 Jul 2023 am31 8:53am

      No, I’m afraid your goose is cooked now.

  • Asma

    16 Jul 2023 pm31 8:33pm

    My friend sponsor to his brother in hk her brother not going back to home country … any problem can create for her ??? she is permanent residence.

    • The Visa Geeza

      25 Jul 2023 am31 8:57am

      Yes, she will be responsible for the cost of his removal when he eventually surrenders or gets caught.

  • Jean

    18 Jun 2023 am30 8:31am

    Hello I’m here in Philippines now I’m overstay 1day when I was working in hongkong ,can I apply for work again in hongkong?

    • The Visa Geeza

      21 Jun 2023 pm30 9:35pm


  • Sakura

    19 May 2023 am31 5:48am

    What to do if over stay 6months..

    • The Visa Geeza

      24 May 2023 am31 1:32am

      Surrender immediately.

  • Rosie

    13 Apr 2023 am30 9:20am


    My parents are currently on a dependant visa in HK, but we totally forgot that it was expired (just a few weeks). We only found out when they were leaving HK for a trip and got stopped at the airport. The officifer told them to use their passport to get in and out HK for this trip instead. My Question is if they are able to come back into HK with their passport with the record of having an expired dependant visa. Do they also need a return ticket to come BACK into HK?

    Many thanks.

    • The Visa Geeza

      13 Apr 2023 am30 10:42am

      Shouldn’t be a problem.

      • RS

        21 Apr 2023 pm30 9:53pm

        Hii sir my wife working in Hk as a employment visa .I was stay in hk under UNO 7 years . I came out from Hk almost 10 years already..should my wife can apply dependent visa for me should can get dependent visa ? Thanks

        • The Visa Geeza

          26 Apr 2023 am30 8:29am

          You can but try.

          • TJ

            5 Jul 2023 am31 5:47am

            hello good day, last jan. 2020 i overstay for less than a month, unfortunately police caught me and put to jail and go to court, and the judge set me a fine of 1500 hkd. so now july 2023 an employer is hiring me as a driver. what do u think of my situation in the immig?

          • The Visa Geeza

            6 Jul 2023 pm31 4:09pm

            (1) You can’t get a new FDH visa as a driver (2) they likely won’t give you a visa due to your prior immigration offence.

  • Wilma

    13 Mar 2023 am31 12:05am

    Hi im overstay in hongkong for 1years almost and i go to jail for 3weeks is there any possible to go bck again cause im working now in Singapore and my employer bring me there as a visitor is there possible i can enter hongkong since 7years already

    • The Visa Geeza

      13 Mar 2023 am31 8:52am

      I doubt it, sorry to say.

  • Lyn

    3 Feb 2023 am28 6:03am

    Hello my friend in hk is overstaying for 3 years and now wants to go back here in Philippines if he surrender can he go to jail for that before going back to Philippines?

    • The Visa Geeza

      4 Feb 2023 am28 8:05am

      Almost certianly yes he will.

  • Rita

    22 Dec 2022 pm31 5:49pm

    Hi, my visa expired on 20th December and my ticket is on 25th. I went to extend my visa for 5 days on 19th of December but they refused to extend. Instead they gave me 2 letters, one saying that I should leave on/by 25th the other one is sealed and I have to give it to immigration officer when I leave HK. Questions: What’s inside the sealed letter? Will I be able to come back to HK in the future? And if yes, when is the safe period to come back? Thank you!

    • The Visa Geeza

      29 Dec 2022 am31 10:19am

      It’s a departure memo clearing you for departure so the officer at the border doesn’t think you’re an overstayer. DO NOT OPEN THIS LETTER. Yes you can return but you need to satisfy normal immigration criteria for admission as a visitor. These 5 days should not compromise your ability to come to Hong Kong again.

  • Rose

    17 Oct 2022 am31 7:39am

    Hi.What if I overstayed my free-visit visa for 10 days. Is there a chance that the immigration in airport let me go back to philippines?

    • The Visa Geeza

      19 Oct 2022 pm31 2:09pm

      Yes but they will likely never allow you to visit again. You better report to ImmD in Wanchai

  • nichole

    1 Oct 2022 am31 2:56am

    hello .on 5 oct 2022 im 1 mnth over stay due to i have no money to buy ticket .im a single mother and strugle also on my i earn some money that my friend help me to buy my ticket go dubiai if i do surrender what.the immigration gives me penalty?

    • The Visa Geeza

      2 Oct 2022 pm31 12:13pm

      You MUST surrender immediately. The longer you leave it the greater the trouble.

  • ACC

    24 Sep 2022 pm30 12:57pm

    Hi,Good day…
    Im domeatic helper,and now waiting for my new visa to release,.incase i want to go home while my visa is not yet come out,can i go home and wait my visa in the Philippines, visa cancelled last Aug.20 2022,and my new visa application send to the Immd Aug.27,2022…

    Is there any problem if i will leave HK without my new visa?

    • The Visa Geeza

      2 Oct 2022 pm31 12:24pm

      I’m sorry we don’t have any comptency in FDH visas. I mention this on the form where you asked the question. I simply don’t know the answer.

  • Jay

    20 Sep 2022 pm30 4:38pm

    My friend is on a working holiday visa and just realised he overstayed 20 days.
    His employer wanted to apply for a general employment visa for him which is how they found out. He reported to immigration and they denied his stay for extension, saying he has to leave in 10 days.

    Do you think he can re-appeal for visitor status extension? And if he leaves HK and applies for an employment visa, will it be likely to be granted?

    • The Visa Geeza

      23 Sep 2022 am30 9:12am

      No chance to appeal the visitor extension refusal. ImmD have complete discretion. The fact of his overstay should not be cause to refuse and employment visa application (usually). But he still has to qualify for the visa in it’s own right.

  • alice

    5 Sep 2022 pm30 12:36pm

    I overstayed for 2 days because of flights cancellation.
    I applied for an extension of stay before the end of my visa but no answer.
    When I arrived at the airport they realised of course, and I showed them my application for extension of stay , they ask me to pay the fees for my extension.
    That’s it.

    I am currently asking for a Dependant visa and I was wondering if this will have any impact on the decision?

    • The Visa Geeza

      14 Sep 2022 am30 11:19am

      Nope. Nothing to worry about.

  • Jane

    23 Jul 2022 am31 2:29am

    Hello I have a question. My father overstayed in HK for 2 weeks bcoz his employer way back then flew home in the US without telling him. this was 1994. My father were put into jail for 2 weeks and had appealed with the help of a local attorney and case dismissed. My question is, he is applying for a US visa and the embassy is asking for his police clearance from HK. Is his record still going to show in his police clearance with this offense? and also is this considered a criminal offense? I appreciate your response,.

    • The Visa Geeza

      29 Jul 2022 am31 8:48am

      I’m sorry I honestly don’t know. This is a criminal matter more than an immigration matter and I have no expertise in that area.

  • kkkc

    7 Jun 2022 pm30 4:43pm

    My employment visa expired on 15th March 2022, but both my employer and I have not been aware of the expiration problem until yesterday. I went to the immigration office this morning and reported to the officer on the overstay issue and asked for the extension of my employment visa (since I have not changed my employer and technically I am still working for them).
    They took my application files and gave me a small card which put me into the “visa extension group” with a reference number on it. They asked me to wait for their call. Any hint what will happen next and what can I do at the current stage ? Thanks for the help.

    • The Visa Geeza

      14 Jun 2022 am30 11:22am

      They may refer you to the Investigations Section of ImmD in Kowloon Bay after they do an initial internal enquiry on your file. Or they may decide to forgive you and treat it as an innocent administrative oversight and proceed to undertake and complete your extension.

  • Nico

    25 Dec 2021 pm31 7:57pm

    Hi my dependent visa expiration is on Dec 05 2021 and I just realized it now Dec 25 2021. So I will be going to immigration with my mom on Monday, Dec 27 2021.

    We’re really busy because of school finals (online class) and they always work.

    What are the consequences for it?

    I am 19 and I am new handling stuffs like this.

    • The Visa Geeza

      28 Dec 2021 pm31 1:27pm

      They will no doubt huff and puff a bit but you shouldn’t get into too much trouble.

      • Nico

        28 Dec 2021 pm31 8:19pm

        thank you for the response sir!

        update: since it’s holiday on 27 we went to Immigration earlier and they made my mom write a letter for Director of Immigration and after we went to the 5th floor they collected all our documents and given me a small paper that says we will go back on Jan 06 2021.

        I feel unease at the moment of what will happen next. My mom told me not to worry but I am still worried.

        • The Visa Geeza

          10 Jan 2022 am31 11:56am

          Sounds like good news.

  • SNEE

    11 Oct 2021 pm31 7:55pm

    Hi I was overstay in hk for 47 days and report to IMMDon 10 Sep and surrounding again on 7 Oct they ask me to sign paper then come back again on 4th Nov.
    Do they put me in jail?

    • The Visa Geeza

      15 Oct 2021 pm31 4:02pm

      It depends. I have no idea what your situation is. I suspect not.


    19 Sep 2021 pm30 8:32pm

    Hey there,
    Me and my two other sibling’s visa is going to be expired on 23rd of this month. We are on dependent visa which was sponsored by our ex stepmother. When we filled up the extension of visa forms last month they told us that its not gonna work since my father and stepmother got divorce already even though she signed all the needed documents . My father has already wrote a letter to the director of immigration about it since the expiry of our visa is coming really close . What are we supposed to do in this case?

    • The Visa Geeza

      6 Oct 2021 pm31 12:41pm

      You’re stuck I’m afraid. The legal foundation for the grant of your dependant visa was undermined when your stepmother as sponsor left the scene. Your father might well have the same problem it seems to me.

  • Hh

    23 Aug 2021 am31 4:03am

    IANG VISA EXPIRED 2 months, shall I leave HK immediately?

    • The Visa Geeza

      31 Aug 2021 pm31 1:37pm

      Report to ImmD immediately. You’ve overstayed and it’s going to be problematic for you.

  • David

    16 Jun 2021 pm30 2:05pm

    My wife’s spouse visa had expired and she overstayed for around 12 months. She was asked to go to IMMD when she tried to apply for permanent residence (she has lived for 7 years in HK). Would there by any penalty ? Would she lose her chance to get permanent residence ?

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Jun 2021 pm30 5:24pm

      Yes, sorry to say.

  • Gracia

    9 May 2021 pm31 10:24pm

    I overstayed in hong kong for 5 months,i totally forgot to extend my visa,,,,immigration only gave me till December 2020 coz i need to renew my passport…i got my new passport last Feb 2020,then now i just realized i forgot about my visa…though my employment visa is until july 2021…they just give me visa till December 2020 coz i need the new passport…will i be given penalty

    • The Visa Geeza

      14 May 2021 pm31 12:17pm

      Yes, I’m afraid you’re likely to be subject to an investigation by ImmD in relation to the overstay. They are quite strict about these matters now. You need to surrender to ImmD ASAP.

  • Beth

    18 Apr 2021 pm30 12:06pm

    I just realized I’ve forgotten to extend my dependant visa and I’ve overstayed by 12 days. Will I be deported?

    • The Visa Geeza

      26 Apr 2021 am30 11:48am

      No but life will be a bit uncomfortable until your regularise it with ImmD.

  • Ann

    27 Feb 2021 pm28 12:02pm

    Hi, because my IANG visa extension application (submitted online) is still ongoing and my visa is expiring tomorrow (Sunday), I will be overstaying. I plan to go to ImmD on Monday. My question is can I apply for an extension to wait for the result?

    • The Visa Geeza

      2 Mar 2021 pm31 5:00pm

      They’ll defacto extend you. Sorry about the delay in reply.

  • Dawn

    17 Feb 2021 am28 11:15am

    I overstayed in HK for 5 years, From the Philippines. What are the consequences eating for me?

    If I want to surrender where shall I go? Immigration or Philippines embassy?

    • The Visa Geeza

      21 Feb 2021 am28 8:50am

      Definitely jail. You need to arrange your affairs and the surrender to ImmD ASAP.

      • R

        24 Jul 2021 am31 10:24am

        Hi over staying in 6months..but i just report to immigration july 20, 2021..and i told them i lost my pasport and hkid..then they want me to go back at july 27, is possible i can go to jail even i report already to immigration..i hope you will reply me soon.thanks….it is possible they will give me a visa to find a new employer…even i have supporting letter from the employer..because i still want to work here at hongkong..for my family..thats why im looking a employer..and i found one.and shes willing to help me so i can get a visa..

        • The Visa Geeza

          3 Aug 2021 pm31 4:21pm

          You will need to go through the investigation/judicial process and see how it plays out. I can’t really comment beyond that tbh.

  • The Visa Geeza

    26 Jan 2021 pm31 2:18pm

    Go to ImmD with her.

  • AP

    16 Dec 2020 pm31 6:37pm

    I live in China with my wife on a Q2 visa. My Hong Kong visa expires Jan first. I tried to re enter China today but was refused because they said all visas have been suspended. I have a 10 year China visa. I am a US citizen
    Wil Hong Kong Immigration grant me an extension because I cant return to China.

    • The Visa Geeza

      22 Dec 2020 pm31 12:17pm

      Potentially, yes, but not indefinitely.

  • Pinky

    5 Oct 2020 pm31 4:05pm

    Hi I’m work as domestic helper and just realised overstay for 5 month what should I do ? Will I get big trouble ?

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Oct 2020 am31 11:17am

      You must immediately surrender to ImmD.

  • Sara

    29 May 2020 am31 12:20am


    I was visiting Hong Kong and I have over stayed for 2 days for the reason that my flight got cancelled and it was my last day of Visa and it was Saturday so I went to Immigration in wan chai to have an extension but I was not aware that it was a holiday on that day and it happens to be a weekend Saturday morning so unfortunately i was not able to extend my Visa that day.. I overstayed Sunday and Monday morning I rushed to the immigration in wan chai and they just gave me a few days and an envelope with red ribbon and instructed me to leave Hong Kong. My question is can I still come back to Hong Kong? Will there be any problem when I visit HK next time?

    Thank you very much for your help,

    • The Visa Geeza

      4 Jun 2020 am30 10:13am

      It should be Ok to return as a visitor in the future..

  • Lexa Grace del Rosario

    13 Feb 2020 pm29 12:55pm

    My boyfriend and I were in Hong Kong last year to visit my family. My fam are residents there. We’ve overstayed for a couple of days because my mom requested to and also it was a holiday season. We went to the immigration for extensions of stay, the immigration officer informed us to exit to Macau, and that’s what we did. When we’re in Macau, we did day tour and then go back to Hong Kong. When we arrived back in Hong Kong immigration, me and my boyfriend were separated and both interrogated. I was able to answer all the questions however my boyfriend didn’t cause, first of all; he doesn’t speak english fluently and he hardly understand the language, second, the documents are with me and the immigration officer won’t allow me to follow them, third, he doesn’t have a phone cause he left it at home and the officer asked him to contact my mom, fourth, we don’t have any money left because we spent it in Macau. Then, the officer came to me and just informed me that they won’t let my boyfriend get in to Hong Kong and will be deported back to Macau without explaining to me why. So my question is, are there any chances that my boyfriend can come back to Hong Kong?

    • The Visa Geeza

      15 Feb 2020 pm29 1:54pm

      Sorry. Realistically, no.

  • Zohra Virani

    3 Feb 2020 am29 7:57am

    Hi. My brother went to hong kong in PAR for 14days. But he overstayed for 2months. What are the possibilities while returning back to India. Actually the agent through which he went cheated us & said they will help us to find jobs & get refugee card but they cheated us by saying it is a legal procedure. They did nothing and my brother is still sitting ideal from 2months. So want to know whether he has to face problems while coming back to India? & What type problems he might face?

    • The Visa Geeza

      3 Feb 2020 am29 10:00am

      No idea about the problems back in India but in HK he’s in a world of trouble.

  • marilou

    7 Jan 2020 am31 10:01am

    hope u can read this I am a domestic helper here finishing my contract and visa on February 26.. now O thought that I also have a 14days more to stay that is why I booked my ticket March 8 I don’t intend to find a new employer though I just want to wait for someone so we can go home together. my question is can I exit to Macao on Feb26 then comeback here as a tourist? till March 8 to be exact.

    • The Visa Geeza

      9 Jan 2020 pm31 2:05pm

      You can try.

  • Heather

    15 Nov 2019 pm30 4:46pm

    Overstaying your visa is a risk that you would not want to make. It can get you deported and even banned. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to report to the Department of Immigration if you are unable to leave before your visa expires. As mentioned in the comments, the longer you stay on an expired visa, the more problems you are creating for yourself.

  • Taz

    4 Nov 2019 pm30 12:50pm

    Hi!!! My employer’s wife is not a resident here in HK. She overstayed for 4 days. Is there any chance to back again here at HK?

    • The Visa Geeza

      6 Nov 2019 am30 11:16am

      4 days shouldn’t be a problem if it is the first time she has overstayed.

  • Kate

    28 Oct 2019 am31 11:10am

    Hi there,

    One of my friend’s friend is now in jail for overstaying for 4 years, sentenced to be imprisoned for 4 month. Would she be compulsorily sent to the airport from the prison and expelled right away? Thanks.

    • The Visa Geeza

      3 Nov 2019 pm30 3:00pm


      • Kate

        7 Nov 2019 pm30 6:17pm

        How about all her belongings at her place? Does police allow and wait for her at the spot while packing her stuffs before taking her to airport to expel? or she will just be taken straight to the airport from the prison? Thanks.

        • The Visa Geeza

          14 Nov 2019 am30 11:49am

          Normally it is straight to the airport.

  • Vivian

    22 Jul 2019 pm31 2:39pm

    Hi what should I do if I’m 1 day over stay due to the rally last night .. I couldn’t make it to the Macau ferry becoz they said all the police are there and tear gas are everywhere.. so I said I’d stay one more day for my safety … I have visa in Macau and I am here for vacation and visited my boyfriend who is resident here in hk ..

    • The Visa Geeza

      2 Aug 2019 am31 10:15am

      Just go the next day and exp;lain as you leave. It will be fine.

      • mikee

        23 Nov 2021 pm30 12:14pm

        hello, im already here in philippines and overstayed in hongkong for 5 months it is possible to come back in hong kong to work again or not ?

        • The Visa Geeza

          6 Dec 2021 am31 9:36am

          Likely not.

  • Athena

    9 Jul 2019 pm31 12:52pm

    Hi, have a good day,i was overstayed one year and 1 month in there,and i dont have any bad record . I was over stayed because when i got sick my employer terminated me .i am not able to go home to my country that time that is why i decided to stay hong kong till i get well. Now i want to apply as a d.h,can i enter hk again after what happened?

    • The Visa Geeza

      15 Jul 2019 am31 10:36am

      You will not be admitted. Overstaying is a serious offence and costs the HK tax payer a lot of money. ImmD will therefore just wash their hands of you. It’s the price of overstaying I’m afraid….

  • Ivy Rebustillo

    24 Jun 2019 pm30 8:40pm
    97 friend was a domestic helper in hongkong..but she was sentenced 4 months imprisonment last march 2019…and was transferred to CIC last May 2019.and she is now in Philippines.Is it possible for her to apply for a tourist visa for her to register her married in the Philippine Consulate in Hongkong?

    • The Visa Geeza

      26 Jun 2019 pm30 2:48pm

      Nope. ImmD will have washed their hands of her.

  • Lisa

    3 Jun 2019 am30 2:55am

    Hello, im citizen of Ukraine and i overstay my tourist visa for a 3 month now, if i go to the airport with the ticket will they let me go or not?

    • The Visa Geeza

      4 Jun 2019 pm30 12:55pm

      No. You should immediate report to ImmD in Wanchai. Do it today, now, immediately. Everyday longer is making more problems for you.

      • Lisa

        10 Jun 2019 pm30 11:22pm

        But if i go there they will put me in immigration jail, right?

        • The Visa Geeza

          11 Jun 2019 pm30 8:37pm

          Maybe or maybe not. One thing is true. The longer you leave it the worse it gets. I urge you to make arrangements and surrender to ImmD asap.

  • Jeane

    13 May 2019 pm31 2:29pm

    Hi im already 5mons overstay if i surrender and have my ticket with me going back to phillipines do i still need to go to jail?

    • The Visa Geeza

      18 May 2019 pm31 1:35pm


    • Lisa

      3 Jun 2019 am30 2:58am

      Jeane, did they let you go without putting you in jail?

  • Nicole

    5 May 2019 pm31 2:23pm

    Hi, if I fly out of HK before my 90 days visa-free period expires, and then fly back again in another 2 days, do I get another 90 days visa-free period?

    • The Visa Geeza

      7 May 2019 pm31 2:08pm

      Possibly. If the ImmD officer thinks you’re ‘doubling back’ to seek an extension of stay by 90 days he may challenge you upon arrival.

  • Philip

    23 Mar 2019 pm31 1:31pm

    I’m currently under applying for my new passport (my current passport expire on April 9, 2019) and my Hong Kong visitor visa will expire March 31. The problem is that I’ve heard my new passport would be issued on April 2 and arrive at Hong Kong on April 3 or 4. This means I can get out from HK after April 3 or 4 after retrieving my new passport from my consulate. I like to know what if I overstay for a week with this reason. Is there any problem to come back to Hong Kong? What is my best choice for now at this situation? What shall I do?

    • The Visa Geeza

      29 Mar 2019 am31 9:35am

      Go to ImmD with all your papers and explain to them. DO NOT OVERSTAY.

  • Cam

    16 Mar 2019 am31 6:49am

    Hi, I have a question.

    If someone is deported from China and has a 5 year travel ban, does it mean that said person is also deported from Hong Kong? Does the travel ban apply for Hong Kong too?

    I hope you can answer such a question.

    • The Visa Geeza

      19 Mar 2019 am31 11:46am

      Hong Kong and China are 2 separate immigration jurisdictions. If you have removed from China on security grounds it is likely that the 2 authorities will share information and it could be problematic for you to enter Hong Kong.

  • leoniza tunguia

    16 Feb 2019 pm28 8:54pm

    what if im over stay and still working with same employer

    • The Visa Geeza

      20 Feb 2019 am28 10:53am

      Report to ImmD immediately.

  • Miya

    3 Feb 2019 pm28 10:10pm

    Hello! Good day! I have a questio regarding my friend’s situation. Her employer’s working visa in Hk had been cut and he went back to his home country. My friend went to her home country too and will be back next month. Her contract will end in 2020. Is her working visa in Hk still active? Can she still come back and find a new employer?

  • sara lane

    24 Dec 2018 am31 11:45am

    hi, im foreign employee,
    my visa ended at dec 20,
    then i worked until december 20

    i signed a new contract on december 16.
    december 23 (sunday)releasing date from consulate,then i went to immigration december 24.
    i didnt know that inhabe to report on december 20 at the immigration, i thought if you signed a new contract you won’t have any problem?

    what will happen to me? will they allow me to continue working in hK?
    thank u

    • The Visa Geeza

      24 Dec 2018 pm31 2:05pm

      I have no idea. What kind of visa do you hold?

  • Lynne

    29 Oct 2018 pm31 11:03pm

    Good Evening!
    I was over stay in hk for 7days and I surrendered in skyline tower by the help of Refugee union Head.After that they take my passport and hk I’d.I remain staying there for 2 years and told me to sign in matau Kok in every 3weeks ..last year oct I decided to return my country cause my issues here was cleared.My question is Is there any possibilities that I can go enter hk even for a visit ?

    • The Visa Geeza

      2 Nov 2018 pm30 1:03pm

      Most likely not. Overstaying is a serious matter.

  • Rex

    16 Oct 2018 am31 1:26am

    Im overstayed for 4months last 2017, and now im in under macau working visa as a skilled worker!!! QUESTION is it possible to re-enter hongkong for only 3hour of visit & to purchased a tools in very cheap price place in shamshuipo.. after 3hours i need to return in macau for work!!!

    • The Visa Geeza

      20 Oct 2018 am31 11:26am

      It doesn’t matter how long you need to enter for it is unlikely you will be allowed to visit Hong Kong again as overstaying is a serious immigration matter. The best way to approach this is to apply for a visitor visa in advance stating your need to visit and see how ImmD respond.

  • Maria

    23 Sep 2018 am30 3:24am

    My friend was overstay in Hk for 5 days last 2005 and was in jail for 2 weeks and now living in Switzerland for 5 yrs. and would like to apply Swisspassport. is this can stop her not to get Swisspassport? Thank you

    • The Visa Geeza

      24 Sep 2018 pm30 5:25pm

      I have no idea. This is a Swiss immigration question not a HK visa question and we have no competency at all in Swiss immigration,

  • Uncle C

    14 Sep 2018 am30 11:33am

    My friend’s Filipina girlfriend is pregnant and a Domestic Helper overstay. She wants to go and surrender to immigration and go back to Philippines to have the baby. She has overstayed for more than one year. Considering that she is 10 weeks pregnant and has a return air ticket, is it likely that she will be incarcerated and if so for how long?

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Sep 2018 am30 10:26am

      No idea. Best to surrender ASAP.

  • Marionel

    6 Sep 2018 am30 6:06am

    Good day! I just want to have assistance/advise because i might overstay in the country. My passport is still on the VFS for stamping and still on process. My due date here in hong kong is on september 8, 2018. Is this a valid reason? What can I do to extend my visa? Thank you..

    • The Visa Geeza

      11 Sep 2018 pm30 1:38pm

      Go to ImmD and report your circumstances.

  • Daria

    27 Aug 2018 pm31 8:10pm

    Hello. I overstayed my visitor visa for 3 months last year (2017) been detained for 1 day at the police station then given a recognizance paper at HKID in Tuen Mun. Then went to the curt in Shatin, been told that I have a clean record and if I make another offence in the time of 9 months I’ll be in jail for 5 days, after this I went through the removal section and left the country on my expenses. QUESTION: I’m about to apply for a mainland Chinese working visa at my country, will this affect my application? I have no clear how indepent is HK from mainland

    • The Visa Geeza

      30 Aug 2018 am31 10:08am

      Two separate jurisdictions. However, if the Chinese learn of your HK experience they could use that as a reason to refuse.

  • Janice Gorospe

    7 Jul 2018 am31 8:03am

    Hi good morning I’m a foreign domestic helper here in Hong Kong my visa is already expired last June 30 2018 I thought it’s July 30 2018 will be expire. I’m already find a new employer because my current employer they will move in Canada this coming July 28,2018. I hope you will give me some advice thank you so much…

    • The Visa Geeza

      11 Jul 2018 am31 10:46am

      Go to ImmD immediately. You are an overstayer. Go now!

  • Ritz Cariaga

    4 Jul 2018 am31 11:59am

    My limit of stay will be on july 21, 2018 but i have my plane ticket already on july 20,2018 and come back august 5. Do i need to extend my visa? My contract will end jan 2020.

    • The Visa Geeza

      11 Jul 2018 am31 10:48am

      Yes apply to extend now.

  • Ganie

    26 Mar 2018 pm31 12:51pm

    Where people can surrender if overstay ,place ??

    • The Visa Geeza

      29 Mar 2018 am31 9:39am

      Immigration Tower, Wanchai. Go to 2/F and tell them what you want to do.

  • Stacy

    12 Mar 2018 am31 5:00am

    Hi my employer is in jail last other Monday.and she in jail Monday it’s because of the case that she involved.and now she said she told already all the details when she caught and act about for everything she told to cid imigration that she let me to leave already in her place last semptember 30 .and now last Monday she’s in jail for 3 days and she say her case is still undergoing .and I wonder when I call her the last other Saturday she never reply my text and call cause I need her a permission to go Taiwan last other Saturday. when I get back last other Monday I don’t have problem of imigration and during that date my employer in jail and I why wonder if she’s in jail that time when I get back here in hk last other Monday . why I don’t have problem of my visa that time when I get back in concern is what I gonna do of this situation sothat I can go back philipines have ticket already if there is a case I will face cause my employer say I over stayed already.what the best I can do to resolved this problem

    • The Visa Geeza

      13 Mar 2018 am31 10:24am

      You had better report to immigration and explain the circumstances.

      • Stacy

        12 Jun 2018 am30 5:09am

        If my friend surrender to immigration about her overstaying here.its possible she detain or deported only?

        • The Visa Geeza

          15 Jun 2018 pm30 7:12pm

          How long overstay?

  • Cecil

    3 Feb 2018 pm28 7:33pm

    Hi I need some advice I’m a working here in hongkong as a helper and i just check my Visa that I overstayed 2 months what should I do is it I got a big trouble?

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Feb 2018 am28 10:51am

      Report to immigration straight away.

  • Sutubu

    29 Jan 2018 pm31 7:02pm

    Hi I am asking some advice regarding my friend.she has been over stay for 5years,because of she was terminated 3 times and was sure not going to get visa again.and she have serious trouble in her country,so she was scared to go back .my question is is there possibility to be a temporary refuge?thanks I. Advance

    • The Visa Geeza

      3 Feb 2018 am28 10:29am

      With a 5 year overstay she needs to face the consequences and surrender to the Immigration Department.

  • Gaze

    15 Nov 2017 am30 11:36am

    My friend had a case of overstayed and she was reported in Immigration on her case. She was detained for 7 weeks and now she’s back in Philippines after that. My question is how many years she can come back in HK to work again and if that case is her record for overstaying is cleared already?

    • The Visa Geeza

      17 Nov 2017 pm30 12:06pm

      It is unlikely she will be allowed to return. There is no minimum time away to clear an overstay record. If ImmD believe she will overstay again they will not admit her again.

      • Gaze

        13 Jul 2018 pm31 8:51pm

        Immd not allowed me to enter HK yet even there is an employer signed my contract because of my overstayed wayback 2016. I want to ask, can i enter in Macau to work there while waiting my approval to be back in HK? Is Macau not a part of HK?
        Thanks for responses

        • The Visa Geeza

          16 Jul 2018 pm31 10:22pm

          Sorry I have no idea about Macau immigration. Macau is not a part of Hong Kong.

      • Chenli

        26 Oct 2018 pm31 1:33pm

        Hi. I have a friend who worked as domestic helper but lost her passport way back in 1997 then overstayed for 10 months. In 2010 she visted Hong Kong and stayed for 7 days. Now she got an employer, and wants to employ her as a domestic helper. Will she allowed to work as a domestic helper. again. Please advise. Thank you.

        • The Visa Geeza

          2 Nov 2018 pm30 1:05pm

          No idea. We have no FDH visa competency. You can only apply and see.

  • Kar

    31 Oct 2017 pm31 1:32pm

    Hi! I had a one day overstay in Hong Kong. I have a Macau non-resident working visa. Can I still enter hongkong even just for a couple of days? Or if not, How many days should I refrain from entering Hong Kong? Is there any law? Thank you very much!

    • The Visa Geeza

      8 Nov 2017 am30 9:41am

      1 day overstay on one occasion should not be problematic – so long as it’s your only instance.

  • Jessie

    18 Jul 2017 am31 12:38am

    I have overstayed for two months and i reported already in immigration in Kowloon. My question is that if i still can come back in Hong Kong after. Because im about to leave in hong kong because i need to renew my passport. I got married here in hong kong last year on October, and my husband apply me as a dependent. And the immigration ask me to go back to my country, but im worried what if i cannot come back?
    Please answer my a question.. thank you

    • The Visa Geeza

      18 Jul 2017 pm31 1:57pm

      As a non permanent resident ImmD ALWAYS have the ability to deny your re-entry into Hong Kong. There’s not much more I can say than that really.

  • Julien

    18 May 2017 am31 11:47am


    I’ve an active hk working visa until may 2020 but I’m actually overseas and I don’t have a job in hk

    How long I can stay overseas before my working visa will be cancel ?

    Thanks for your help


    • The Visa Geeza

      18 May 2017 pm31 1:22pm

      Your employment visa will therefore expire in May 2020. But if you don’t work for your sponsoring employer you only have the privilege to reside in HK until then; you no longer have the privilege to work which ceased when you stopped working for your employing sponsor of record.


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