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Hong Kong Visas for Aged Parents – What Options Exist for Elderly Parents of Temporary Residents Here?

November 12th, 2019

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First Published October 8, 2013

Hong Kong visas for aged parents – the options for long stay visas for elderly parents of non-permanent residents here are quite limited…



I’m married (Singaporean) and working for a major financial institution here in Hong Kong right now.

I have a working visa.

My mother 60 yrs old (Singaporean) has been living with us since March ’13, exiting every 3 months out of the country to renew her stay.

We would like to get her a long stay visa of some sort so we don’t have to worry about her getting stopped at immigration.

Could you please advise if there are any Hong Kong visas for aged parents that we could apply for, for her?


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The Hong Kong Visa Geeza (a.k.a Stephen Barnes) is a co-founder of the Hong Kong Visa Centre and author of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. A law graduate of the London School of Economics, Stephen has been practicing Hong Kong immigration since 1993 and is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on business immigration matters here for the last 24 years.

  • SD

    6 Apr 2023 am30 12:21am


    My mother is 80 years old she wants to visit my brother who lives in Hing King f can she get a 5 year multiple entry dependent visa for her to visit my brother hassle free .

    • The Visa Geeza

      9 Apr 2023 am30 10:27am

      No such thing as a 5 multiple entry year dependant visa. If your brother is a PR he can apply for a dependant visa for her which will ve valid for 1 year initially then 3 year upon each expiry. If he’s not a PR then she can only get a visitor visa which wll be for a single entry only initially and future visas might be double or triple entry only (depends on nationality).

  • PS

    2 Feb 2023 pm28 4:29pm


    I am PS and I am from India. I am here(Hong kong) on my husband dependent visa from last 5 years and also my mother who is 72 years old staying here from last 2 months 15 days. We applied extension for her for 3 months. Actually my problem is this she is very old and no one to take care in India. I have 2 Question :-

    Question 1:- Will we get the extension easily for 3 months?

    Question 2:- Can we apply extension in every 3 months?

    Please guide me. Really It will be very helpful for me.

    Thank You

    • The Visa Geeza

      4 Feb 2023 am28 8:08am

      Question 1:- Will we get the extension easily for 3 months?

      You’ll get an extension – whether it’s easy or not is another question. You will need to make a case and see what ImmD decide.

      Question 2:- Can we apply extension in every 3 months?

      You can apply but the reality is once ou get to total 6 months in country as a visitor they will ask her to leave. Generally. 6 months is the maxmum in any 12 months given period but each time apply she’s coming up for extension and state your case and see what they do.

  • Ashley

    17 Apr 2022 am30 12:59am

    Hi, I came across your podcast

    Similarly to the lady who asked the question, I am a Singaporean as well and my husband is a Hong Kong Citizen (born and raised in HK). With the current visa rules and pandemic situation, are there any options for my husband to apply for any long-stay visa for his mother-in-law (ie my mother) aged 60+, or I have options to apply long-stay visa for my mother directly? (my mother wants to come despite the current pandemic in HK to take care of our newborn and me on postnatal)

    Thank you.

    • The Visa Geeza

      27 Apr 2022 am30 8:07am

      She can’t be sponsored for a dependant visa until you qualify as a PR. In the meantime she can come as a visitor after May 1 2022 and then apply for extensions citing continuing temporary family reunion. ImmD should allow her to do this for up to 6 months in a year.


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