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Hadley Says

Do Immigration Consultants Add Any Value To The Hong Kong Visa Process?

June 18th, 2023

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It’s a valid question. Do immigration consultants add any value to the Hong Kong visa process? As the programming of VisaGeeza.Ai draws to a close, ready to release to my website users, the whole exercise down the last 5 months has surfaced a significant body of content which is still as relevant today as it was when I first publihsed it.

Consequently I have been giving quite a bit of the ‘old stuff’ a fresh lick of paint and this is one such piece from our puppet character Hadley (Puppet? You need to be different to be remembered).

I believe this video below is more relevant today than ever especially as Ai is about to commoditize expert knowledge and know-how and permanently shift the value equation away from ‘what do you know’ but ‘how good are you at applying it’.

Do Immigration Consultants Add Any Value to the Hong Kong Visa Process?

Hadley has strong views about the value that Hong Kong immigration consultants add to the visa process in the HKSAR and in this short rant he sets them out for the world to know!

Well Then: Do Immigration Consultants Add Any Value To The Hong Kong Visa Process?

It’s been an interesting journey these last 3o years as we built up our content on Hong Kong immigration. We certainly changed the landscape of informed decision-making in our profession and with the advent of VisaGeeza.Ai waiting in the wings, it’s all set to change again.

The Real Question: Do Immigration Consultants Add Any Value To The Hong Kong Visa Process – With Ai?

Imagine this extensive content platform embedded into a deeply integrated Large Language model which you can interrogate, tweak and fine tune to your exact circumstances – all completely free of charge?

Watch this space! Won’t be long now.

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