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How Can I Convert My Foreign Domestic Helper Visa to a Dependant Visa After Marriage to a Hong Kong Permanent Resident?

March 3rd, 2018

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Can you swap from a foreign domestic helper visa to a dependant visa whilst in Hong Kong?



My domestic helper, from the Philippines, is married to a Hong Kong Permanent Resident.

Her contract with me expires in April and they want to apply for a dependent visa for her.

Is this possible, what are the criteria and what would be the time line?

Can I extend her domestic helper visa whilst her dependent visa application is being processed, so she is still able to work?

Many thanks

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  • Jeffrey Mariano

    20 Apr 2020 pm30 8:34pm

    Sir, my friend ask me, can he get a Dependant visa for his wife? He was also a Dependant in H.K. His wife is a Foreign Domestic Helper. They’re married in H.K.

    • The Visa Geeza

      22 Apr 2020 am30 11:01am

      No. A DV holder cannot sponsor a DV.

  • Mrs Ali

    28 Aug 2014 pm31 8:24pm

    Is it possible to apply domestic helper visa together with child?
    Or is there any way that domestic helper can bring along her child in HK. In the case employee is agree to sponser visa to both (helper & her child). How about immigration any possibility?

    • The Visa Geeza

      28 Aug 2014 pm31 11:58pm

      Unfortunately not. Dependant visas cannot be sponsored by FDH visa holders
      The Visa Geeza recently posted..Is It Possible to Change Employment Visa Sponsorship Where the New Employer Has Not Yet Established a Business Operation in Hong Kong?My Profile

    • UFK

      4 May 2021 pm31 6:39pm

      Hi i am domestic helper visa my wife just apply dependent visa but i want to know she is start the work and just apply my visa for job latter because her sallery bank statement will come after 1 month

      • The Visa Geeza

        14 May 2021 pm31 12:20pm

        You can apply at any time – ImmD will ask for many documents and will take their time, including getting to the bottom of her ability to fund you. if she only has one month of recent income they may put your case on hold for 2-3 months more to be satisfied that the income is sustainable.


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