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The Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa – Is It Good For A Single Client Business Only?

July 1st, 2023

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Have you got an opportunity to be an independant contractor rather than serving as a full time employee and wondering if you can get a Hong Kong entrepreneur visa with a single client only?

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Understanding the Limitations of the Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa

The Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa is primarily designed for foreign nationals aspiring to conduct business in Hong Kong, thereby significantly boosting the territory’s economy. A crucial part of the overall evaluation of the Hong Kong Immigration Department focuses on sustainability and the quality of the proposed business.

A Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa With A Single Client Only?

However, a significant challenge arises when intending to use a Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa to cater to single client opportunities. This strategy falls short in terms of sustainability – lose the client, lose the business. Moreover, a business centered around a single client doesn’t engage in wider commercial activity, nor does it present opportunities for creating local employment or procuring dedicated business premises.

In light of these shortcomings, the Immigration Department discourages leveraging the Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa for supporting single client opportunities. Consequently, an Entrepreneur Visa application based solely on a single client opportunity is likely to face rejection. Indeed, assuming a pseudo-employee role vis-a-vis a single client under an Investment Visa is practically unfeasible.

Better The Employment Visa Not The Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa

An Entrepreneur Visa dressed up as in the clothes of a single-client independant contractor is not the best way to work in Hong Kong. There’s an alternative. If a client is interested in engaging your services, they should pursue the formal processes of hiring you as an employee, assuming you’re eligible to apply for an employment visa, sponsored by them. This approach often proves to be the most effective for securing a visa to work in Hong Kong.

Additional Resources for Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa Applications

The Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa is not designed to cater to single client opportunities. Such a circumstance fails to meet the Immigration Department’s expectations for a sustainable, high-quality business that promotes local employment and the allocation of dedicated business premises. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to secure an Employment Visa, sponsored by the client, to secure a work visa in Hong Kong. To learn more about the Hong Kong Entrepreneurt Visa and crafting a strong business plan for approval check out the following resources:

  1. Importance of Financial Projections in a Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa Application

  2. A Detailed Business Plan for Your Hong Kong Entrepreneur Visa?

  3. Hong Kong Visa Handbook – Startups And Getting Accredited

  4. Hong Kong Visa Handbook – Entrepreneur Visa (aka Business Investment Visa)

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