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Please Don’t Ask Me To Advise You On How To Break Hong Kong Immigration Law!

July 22nd, 2023

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First Published Years &  Years Ago!

How To Break Hong Kong Immigration Law – I’m Not Going To Help You!

I get loads of great questions to answer and it’s my genuine pleasure to help.

How To Break Hong Kong Immigration Law – Innocent Requests Are Often Unlawful In Their Execution

Sometimes, though, people don’t appreciate what it is they are actually asking me to be a party to when they seek my advice via our websites.

It is incredibly important to follow the immigration laws of any country, including Hong Kong. The consequences of breaking immigration law can be severe and long-lasting. Seeking to break Hong Kong immigration law when it comes to employment, investment, dependant or fdh visas can have serious consequences that can impact your future in numerous ways.

How To Break Hong Kong Immigration Law – Why It Is A VERY Bad Idea

Firstly, breaking immigration law can result in a criminal record, which can have lifelong implications. A criminal record can affect future employment opportunities, making it challenging to secure jobs in various fields. Additionally, a criminal record can limit travel opportunities as some countries have strict rules on allowing individuals with criminal records to enter their borders.

Secondly, breaking immigration law is a serious offence and may lead to you being imprisoned then deported. Deportation means that you will be forced to leave Hong Kong and be removed from Hong Kong permanently. Once deported, it may be difficult to return to Hong Kong and can impact your relationships with friends, family, and colleagues who are still living here.

Moreover, if caught breaking Hong Kong’s immigration law, you may face financial penalties that can be costly and detrimental to your financial health. Financial penalties can result in the loss of your job and negatively impact your ability to live and work in Hong Kong it can also damage your credit score and financial reputation.

Finally, breaking immigration could also put a strain on the relationships between Hong Kong and your home country. This could lead to difficulties in securing future visas or legal status in Hong Kong.

Breaking Hong Kong immigration law when it comes to employment, investment, dependant or fdh visas is never a good idea. The consequences can be severe, resulting in a criminal record, deportation and financial penalties. It’s essential to understand and follow the immigration laws of any country you are living in not least Hong Kong.

How To Break Hong Kong Immigration Law – Please Don’t Ask Me – A Refusal Often Offends!

So please don’t ask me to advise you on how to break Hong Kong immigration law!

How To Break Hong Kong Immigration Law

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