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VisaGeeza.Ai | Hong Kong Immigration Ai | Coming Very Very Soon

October 11th, 2023

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Over the Last 8 Months we Have Moved Our Hong Kong Immigration Ai Activities Forward Significantly

Resulting in what we have called VisaGeeza.Ai, our Hong Kong Immigration Ai has turned out to have been a huge endeavour. It was much more involved that we original anticipated as it’s all new and there’s no one to copy or emulate (yet).

VisaGeeza.Ai – Our Hong Kong Immigration Ai Will Encompass the Following 3 Components:

(1) A completely free-to-use Hong Kong Immigration Ai large language model that delivers highly accurate output against any given set of client facts and circumstances. We needed to develop this from scratch (and which is now complete).

(2) A wider platform of ‘actionable content’ including such content assets as application checklists for print-out, podcast discussions, videos, case studies, how-to-guides and SEO-ready posts for publishing in the propagation of documented know-how on the web (which we have been publishing for more than 10 years by now).

(3) A means to ‘bring Ai to life’ humanizing the Hong Kong Immigration Ai encounter for the user whilst at the same time creating the conditions for the Ai to self-learn with each and every interaction a user has with (1) and (2).

VisaGeeza.Ai includes or anticipates all three.

Here is a summary of what we have learned so far.

Context Setting: Delivering Accurate Hong Kong Immigration Ai Narrative Output

One of the key challenges in developing a language model for immigration clients is the need to accurately understand and incorporate context. To address this challenge, we have meticulously engineered our model to consider the context of each query, ensuring that the generated responses are relevant and precise. By training the model on a vast amount of Hong Kong immigration-specific data, we have enhanced its ability to understand the intricacies of the immigration process, resulting in more accurate and reliable information for clients.

Bringing Hong Kong Immigration Ai Narrative Output to Life

An essential aspect of VisaGeeza.Ai is the inclusion of specific wider links to support and enrich the AI narrative output. We understand that immigration clients require more than just textual information – they need a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

By providing relevant and carefully curated external links to our existing platform of website content, we are able to bring the Ai narrative output to life. Clients can access additional resources, D-I-Y kits, case studies, and real-life examples to gain a deeper understanding of the Hong Kong immigration process and make more informed decisions.

Just as importantly, they can ask us questions orally free of charge via VisaGeeza.Ai allowing us to humanize the Ai experience with a considered response and a Voicemail reply. This ongoing interaction enables the following:

(4) A human-to-human point of contact with our practice; a means to win new client relationships in real life.

(5) The means to continue the training of the language model in real life and in real time making it constantly improving and always up to date.

(6) The enabling of trust from the Ai encounter in an area of professional activity where command of the facts and the correct application of immigration law is completely mission critical to the expertise and value being imparted.

Immigration Know-How and Logic: Accurate Query Responses

Our goal is to empower immigration clients to seek accurate information and answers to their queries. To accomplish this, we identified the key elements of immigration know-how and logic and engineered our language model specifically to this end.

By training VisaGeeza.Ai on extensive Hong Kong immigration expertise, developing an immigration-specific matrix of prompts and incorporating complex decision-making algorithms, we have enabled VisaGeeza.Ai to provide users with precise and relevant answers to their queries.

This ensures that the information provided is not only correct but also tailored to the specific circumstances and goals of each client.

Hong Kong Immigration Ai Final Phase I User Experience

Having perfected the prompt engineering, we are now making steady progress towards the Final Phase I user experience. This phase focuses on fine-tuning the model’s performance and enhancing its usability for Hong Kong immigration clients.

We continuously improve the user experience and address any issues that may arise. Our ultimate goal is to create a seamless and intuitive interface that allows clients to easily access the Hong Kong immigration know-how they need throughout their immigration journey.

Future Development: Phase II and Phase III

Looking ahead, we have already outlined our plans for Phase II and Phase III development activities. Phase II will focus on the use of the language model to produce high quality content in a variety of media in order to populate the landscape of the internet and dominate search in our niche.

This entails API-interfacing to create natural language SEO ready WordPress posts, voice cloned podcast, video avatar immigration updates and mid-journey type graphical output. All generated programmatically and all the most technically accurate material found anywhere on the web.

This can be done at scale and we anticipate publishing up to 5000 pieces of such content in the next 12 months to complement our already 10,000 strong contents asset platform.

Phase III will involve integrating our language model into our backend case management platform RIVeng, enabling our Immigration Consultants to both assess their understanding of the law against the client facts in hand and also generate all the necessary output at every stage of the process, including the case argument.

The video above provides a short overview of VisaGeeza.Ai language model in action.

It also indicates the prospective UX which is now being engineered for prior to formal launch in the next few weeks.

Interested In Buying Our Immigration Ai Capability?

If our Ai activities are of interest to you, please get in touch.

You could have the very same capability in your non- Hong Kong practice very quickly, as it is our intention to sell our technology and know-how to one partner in every jurisdiction.

It requires investment, of course, but 6 months from now you could well be dominating your niche or jurisdiction exponentially.

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