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The Experience of Being Denied Entry As A Visitor to Hong Kong

April 16th, 2018

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The experience of being denied entry as a visitor to Hong Kong…

Got this email in over the weekend. Good to share:Hi,

I travelled to Hong Kong on 12th on a PAR from India.

The immigration officer asked me for the duration of my stay. I told her I am in hong kong for 10 days on a holiday.

She asked me the following then –

1) Hotel bookings for 10 days

2) Day wise itinerary for 10 days.

3) Cash I was carrying

I replied the following –

1) I had booking for two days. I told her I did not book for 10 days in advance as I was not sure if the hotel will be good. I’ll check it out for two days if I like i will extend my stay there or book another hotel for the remainder of my stay.

2) I told her the places I am interested in seeing however I did not have the day to day itinerary planned out.

3) I was carrying $4500 in cash & my debit card which had more than enough money to cover my expenses.

They did not tell me for which exact reason they sent me back. I was told I can come back at any time when I am better prepared.

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  • Pi

    22 Jun 2023 am30 8:38am

    Did the Hong Kong Immigration take your phone away, so you cannot communicate? Are they allowed to do that?

  • RBG

    2 Feb 2023 pm28 4:03pm

    I was a victim also of immigration errors, to be honest, I was an overstay before in hongkong sometimes in 2013 to 2015 , the police caught me and detained me at immigration detention center, then after 2 weeks they send me back in the Philippines where iam residing, in the year 2017 I traveled again to hongkong but unfortunately the immigration they don’t let me enter, so they bring me back again in the Philippines, then if iam not mistaken in the year 2009, I traveled again but this time via macau, and iam very lucky because they allowed me yo enter hongkong, we stay there for 3 days, then in the year 2010 if iam correct, I was traveled again to hongkong via chep lap kok airport, that time they allowed me again, we stay there for 3 days again, then by the year 2015 if iam not mistaken, I traveled again via macau again, then they allowed me again, but on January 30, 2023 I traveled again via chep lak kok airport but this time they refused me to enter Hong, I don’t know the reason why? Ive traveled almost the half of the world already, I’ve visit, Netherlands, germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Norway, china, singapore, malaysia, macau, Thailand, and I have a existing visa for 5 years in japan, I don’t know the immigration interviewer what her in mind? Did she think that I planned again to make an overstay in their country? If I have a plan to make an overstay, I think its better in japan, right? So please if someone who is in hongkong immigration please study my case, the attitude of that immigration officer is not good, she don’t even give me an explanation why she refused me to enter Hongkong


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