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Is It Possible to Get an Extension to My Hong Kong Visitor Visa to Stay With My Girlfriend Here?

July 30th, 2019

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Sometimes people have solid, genuine reasons for spending extended periods of time in Hong Kong as a visitor as in the case of this question from a Kiwi who wants to spent time with his girlfriend here. But the patience of the Hong Kong Immigration Department can extend only so far and eventually time runs out and the issue of the protracted stay here is forced when the Officers at the border decide enough is enough.


“My girlfriend is a Hong Kong resident and I am from New Zealand (I am a New Zealand citizen and passport holder). I am currently in Hong Kong however I am only here on a holiday visa. I am studying via correspondence  at the moment and I do not have a job in Hong Kong due to my studies (I dont intend on seeking employment whilst in Hong Hong either).

My reason for being in Hong Kong is to be with my girlfriend until she has enough money so we can move to New York together.

At this current time we plan on leaving Hong Kong around December.

We recently returned from a trip to Singapore and I experienced difficulty re-entering Hong Kong.

What can I do to extend my stay in Hong Kong so that if I leave again I can re-enter or at least so I can stay until December?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.”

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  • EAM

    1 May 2015 pm31 8:35pm


    I found this podcast very helpful but would like to hear more about the chances of a positive outcome of applications made in these circumstances.

    I am in a not too different situation. I am working in HK for a London based company, have a working visa, have my own flat paid for by my employer and making more than enough money to provide for a whole family here.
    My girlfriend is in London and is considering coming here as a tourist and seaching for jobs. There is no studying or similar involved.
    In circumstances where I am more than able to provide for her but the only reason we really have to be together is our relationship, what are the chances the Immigration will look favourably on a request for extension?

    Also, if I go with her to the immigration in Wanchai, prepares the docs and writes the letters required (possibly endorsed by my employer), at what time is it best to do this? shortly after arrival or maybe within the last month of the 90 days?

    Thanks in advance and hope to receive your input.


    • The Visa Geeza

      2 May 2015 pm31 12:14pm

      If you lived together in the UK before you relocated to Hong Kong you might be able to secure a prolonged visitor visa for her. If she is under 30 and a UK national she will be able to secure a working holiday visa. ImmD at Immigration Tower are not that receptive to applications for extension of stay but your suggested modus will probably get her a single extension but it’s by no means sustainable over time (sorry to say).


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