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Hong Kong PR After 7 Years

September 15th, 2022

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Hong Kong PR After 7 Years?

What does it take to qualify for Hong Kong PR after 7 years?

Are you a foreign national having arrived in Hong Kong legally and have held a residence visa here back to back with no gaps for a full seven years?

If so, you might be in the hunt for permanent residency, and with it the right of Abode.

The test for approval for permanent residency in Hong Kong is as follows.

Have you been continuously and ordinarily resident in the HKSR for a period of not less than seven years?

Were ANY absences from Hong Kong in that time, be they of long or short duration, been of merely a temporary nature as evidenced by what you leave behind in Hong Kong to return back to at the end of each temporary stay abroad?

Morever, there must be no security objection to you being granted the right of Abode.

There must be no outstanding taxation liabilities in your hands in Hong Kong at the time they approve your PR application

And you need to have been in Hong Kong throughout the seven years claimed for a settled purpose.

Your settled purpose is a function of the visa type that you hold and your settled purpose can change during the seven years if your visa type changes during that time.

Need more details?

Ask me a question and get a podcast anwwer within 48 hours, completely free of charge.

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