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How Important is the Support of InvestHK in Your Hong Kong Investment Visa Application?

November 24th, 2012

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InvestHK do a really good job of promoting economic opportunities which Hong Kong offers to foreign individuals and companies seeking to set up shop in the HKSAR.

For individual investment visa applicants, they offer guidance and advice on the immigration process (amongst many other things) and in those instances where they believe the business intentions for Hong Kong are worthy of their direct assistance, they will often agree to provide a Letter of Support which can be presented to the Immigration Department to help in the investment visa application process.

Not having a letter of support is by no means a disadvantage, however, as many of our clients go on to get their investment visas approved without ever having set foot inside an InvestHK office.

But it is fair to say, that time spent in meetings with InvestHK can only be a good thing as they have excellent resources which can assist any entrepreneur help find his feet in getting started in Hong Kong.

And if you can persuade those good people to avail you of a letter of support whilst you are there, so much the better.

It can only help!

However, it is important to appreciate that no single factor proves definitive in securing investment visa permissions from the Immigration Department, for, as government organisations, InvestHK and the HKID  each has a different mandate and move, from a policy perspective, in very different circles.

In this regard, having the written support of InvestHK is useful and absolutely relevant, but not crucial and by no means pivotal to your investment visa application outcome.

But for sure, go and have a chat with them and see what they can do to assist

They are, after all, really good people who are happy to help wherever possible.

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