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Apr 2022

Please Help Me Help You By Asking Hong Kong Immigration Questions I Can Actually Answer!

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IMPORTANT: Please note that we have no competency in Foreign Domestic Helper visas. Any such questions are best directed at an FDH agency who have significant experience in those types of visas. I receive 70-100 questions a week on this Blog and most of these are very succinct, allowing me to quickly drill down on […]

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Apr 2022

Can You Hold a Hong Kong Employment Visa Yet Be Unemployed, Travel & (Even) Work Abroad for An Extended Period of Time Yet Still Qualify for the Right of Abode Here After 7 Years?

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First Published September 22, 2017 Is it possible to hold an employment visa, not work for your sponsoring employer and travel, live and possibly even work outside of Hong Kong through to the 7 years qualification mark and still qualify for the right of abode? QUESTION Hi Stephen, I have a question regarding Hong Kong […]


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