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Does the Hong Kong Employment Visa Change of Sponsorship Process Expressly Disclose to My New Employer the Reason For Me Leaving My Previous Job?

November 21st, 2020

Posted by / in Employment Visas, Your Question Answered / 3 responses

This an excellent question which has never come up in this fashion before so I’m delighted to provide the answer! First Published July 30, 2013 QUESTION I have just been made redundant by my Australian employer and my last day working in Hong Kong will be August 30, 2013. My visa permit period extends to […]


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Hadley Says

Sometimes Large Employers Experience Hong Kong Employment Visa Refusals Too – Why Might This Be So?

October 26th, 2012

Posted by / in Employment Visas, Hadley Says…, Refusals & Appeals / 8 responses

Most sizeable employers in Hong Kong have in house expertise when it comes to applying for employment visas for their foreign national staff. And, unless they specifically outsource their immigration service needs to professional advisors, they are typically very comfortable in making and managing work visa applications when the need arises. But sometimes, these applications […]

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